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Hello everyone, I would like as many responses as possible. I am located in Houston, Texas but looking to working to work anywhere in the US. I am about to get my RN license and I have started... Read More

  1. by   heartsgal
    In the Houston,TX suburbs at LTC I have been making $25 and just got offered $36 for prn agency nursing in LTAC and I have my ADN.
  2. by   Ard123
    I totally agree with you, the inequity of RN pay compared to physicians (and that of other ancillary medical services compared to physicians) is disgraceful. I'm not saying that physicians should not be well compensated, but I'm saying that everybody working in the health care system should be well compensated. After all, it is a team effort that saves and improves lives. I just don't see how it's fair that a hospital pay it's MDs close to 300-600k, and skimp out on nurses by paying them less than 100k (for most of the USA). However, I won't discredit that this has something to do with the structure of both professions. Nurses in many parts of the country are grossly underpaid because most do not have good union representation, and culturally we have been trained to accept less pay. Physicians, on the other hand, have been able to sustain a high income by limiting the number of physicians trained and licensed a year (thanks to the legislative lobbying of the AAMC in the 1980s that have created a vast shortage of physicians today), and by maintaining the sole power to practice medicine (this is debatable but going towards my point). By limiting numbers and controlling the power to prescribe, physicians in the US are effectively able to leverage supply and demand as well as control insurance reimbursements to medical facilities. We nurses can learn a thing or two from the docs to get what we deserve.
  3. by   GM2RN
    I'm appalled at the low pay that many nurses are getting, and disturbed that some feel that it's ok to be paid so little.
  4. by   Nicole5128
    I'm an ADN in Houston, Tx currently in my 2nd year of experience making $35/hr base
    I lucked out and joined the company right before they gave everyone in the ED a raise