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  1. d00d00butter

    "Clipboard Guy": What's wrong with this picture???

    i read somewhere that the unknown man is a CDC director. Also did he get on the plane too?
  2. d00d00butter

    2nd health care worker gets Ebola at TX Hosp

    if she cared for a ebola patient less than 2 weeks ago....wouldnt she be concerned that she could still be in incubation period? or that even if she was asymptomatic , she could be infectious? if it were me , knowing that i had just cared for an ebola patient, and my coworker got infected, i would definately not be going about in crowded places like an airplane. the fact that she called CDC several times, seems like she knew something wasnt quite right. Always question things, even if they are "authorities".
  3. d00d00butter

    Resume Assistance

    I dont think theres an absolute yes or no answer that people on here are making it seem so. it seems to depend on HR. I saw my friends resume who recently was hired...and she had each clinical listed with 1 to 2 sentences describe unique skills learned at that clinical. obviously you dont want to write something like "assessed patients, administer med, etc... " for each clinical. she did list like one volunteer and one internship at the very bottom of the resume, and no description for them
  4. d00d00butter

    Home health care nursing

    What kind of questions would you ask during an interview for a home health care RN position? As a new grad who is ultimately seeking acute hospital exp, but will take a HHC job for the time being, would you let them know that you are seeking acute care positions or keep it secret, and just say home care is where you would like to work? what do you say when they ask how long you would stay?
  5. d00d00butter

    Did I just sabotage my career before it even started?

    I guess if you are not really desperate for income or worried about finding another job, then don't accept the offer.
  6. d00d00butter

    Unrealistic nursing students

    hmmm 80K program , 15 months ABSN, NYC...sounds like you're describing NYU's program? I thought NYU would churn out competitive nursing students?
  7. d00d00butter

    What nursing reference books do you use

    Thanks. I already have drug book (Davis). Also i have little reference books, like RN notes. I'm looking for a big book (like those big nursing med surg textbooks) that can sit on my desk at home and will be my go to for in depth information. I dont mind if it weighs a ton and is two feet thick or if its several volumes.
  8. d00d00butter

    What nursing reference books do you use

    I'm looking for a good reference book to use as far as looking up diseases/conditions, nursing assessment, s/s, nursing interventions, etc... What do you nurses recommend?
  9. d00d00butter

    what would you do in this situation

    Also like to add to the scenario that the person collapsed on the floor and can't move
  10. d00d00butter

    what would you do in this situation

    Edit: would there be a difference in what a LPN or RN should do in this situation?
  11. d00d00butter

    what would you do in this situation

    Question for nurses. Let's say you are a med surge nurse walking down the hallway of your hospital and around the corner is the ED entrance. A man, who is not a patient, walking in front of you suddenly grabs his chest and collapses to the ground. He is short of breath and states he has chest pain. What do you do? Would you do anything different if he were a current patient?
  12. d00d00butter

    One year of experience, and still feeling nervous

    Maybe its because you only been with your new employer for 3-4 months? like you said, you started getting confident after a year on the other job.
  13. d00d00butter

    possible position

    suppose i find a job next week , but not at my first choice. In February i interview and get an offer from my top choice. WOuld it be ok to quit my first job after 2 months? would I essentially be blacklisted from ever getting hired there again?
  14. d00d00butter

    cant get job as rn new grad should I keep volunteering?

    What does a case manager do?
  15. d00d00butter

    possible position

    So through my networking, there is high possibility of openings but not until Feb at a hospital. it is my dream job. Again it is a high possibility although no guarantee yet. Now i think its probably wise not to wait around for next year to roll around before i start applying for other jobs just in case. suppose, i apply for other hospitals now and get interviews and offers i nthe next week. how would i delay giving them a decision until i know for certain about the dream job? What would you do.