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mystory has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

I'm an RN and struggling makeup artist living it up in nyc.

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  1. B!t@hing and moaning Documentation Trouble shooting computers, and our printer which has been a lemon since day 1
  2. mystory

    Show Up On Your Own Radar

    Beautiful. I love how these tidbits are not only professional in nature, but personal as well. Thank you for posting, this will certainly not be the only time I read it.
  3. I'd take either over these evening 3-11 shifts! Oh when will psych evolve into 12 hour shifts?
  4. mystory

    Is this professional?

    I occasionally forget about my sunglasses and accidentally leave them on my head. I suppose it may not be professional because it potentially gives the impression that one can't wait to get the hell outta there. Really though, it's not that big of a deal, it's like chewing gum at work...not 100% professional but it ultimately doesn't hurt anyone and with understaffing, lay offs, and unsafe practices, etc it's not an issue that's worth investing in.
  5. mystory

    Mean Doctors....

    Maybe it's the social worker/psych nurse in me, but I always just consider the source. If a doctor is unnecessarily rude, that behavior says plenty about him/her and nothing about me. I just feel sorry for them that they have such low interpersonal standards for themselves. Better them than me!
  6. mystory

    Is there any problem being a pre-med nursing student...?

    Myth. My mom is an obgyn and she is part of a panel that interviews potential medical students at a major nyc school of medicine. She says that students can have any major, infact, they may look favorably upon unique majors as opposed to the cookie-cutter pre-med bio major.
  7. mystory

    Is there any problem being a pre-med nursing student...?

    I think nursing is a great undergrad degree to study while pursuing medicine. You have to get a BA/BS in something, and med school doesn't care what it is, so you might as well study something that interests you. And it doesn't hurt that you'll gain a foundation of holistic medical care before you even start. My mom was an LPN 30 years ago...now she is an OB/GYN. :)
  8. mystory

    Brain of a Nurse

    There are about 3 million nurses in practice in the US. Not all of us are detail-oriented. I certainly am not. I am much more process-oriented. My mind wanders to what in their home or environment could have contributed to or exaserbated their illness. I assess their mood and their perceptions of the illness, treatment, and barriers. I enjoy trying to diagnose or identify the etiology of undiagnosed pts. I don't really consider this analyzing, more exploration. I was a social worker before I became a nurse, and the way my mind works and my personal and professional philosophies are much more conducive to the former.
  9. We gave our clinical instructors a thank you card that we all signed. A gift beyond that should never be the expectation. My Med/Surg II clinical instructor was exceptional so we pitched in and got her a $50 gift card to her favorite restaurant. We did always bring food for the nursing staff our last day. Everybody would bring a breakfast item. I wish students still did that. :)
  10. mystory

    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    I want 3-12's! In my area, psych is predominantly comprised of 8 hour shifts. I love mental health, but if the field doesn't evolve into 12 hour shifts I may resort back to the dungeon of Med/Surg. My CNO says the research indicates that most mistakes are made at the end of 12 hour shifts. Because of this, she vetoes our efforts and pleas to pilot 12 hour shifts. Well one of the principles of evidenced based practice is the nurse's preference. So it seems paradoxical to discount our preferences. Also, I've done some research of my own, and irrefutably employees who are happy with their job and shift yield improved retention, job satisfaction, and job performance. That is my humble opinion. Sorry for the vent
  11. mystory

    First nurse nominated as Army surgeon general

    Deuche? Dayum Brandon, I think that it is a bit harsh (and juvenile). It is trailblazing for a nurse to be Army Surgeon General, and as a poster already mentioned emerging skepticism is almost a certainty. The inclusion of qualifications is not a "resume" but necessary justification for her suitability for this role. Congratulations on the nomination Major General Patricia Horoho, and happy nurses week to all!
  12. mystory

    Do hospital patients get better care if they're nice

    I agree with lolaviex. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. If she had been on her call light q15 minutes asking the nurse about the med, I would bet my paycheck that she would have gotten it sooner. In psych, this is certainly the case. The cooperative pts get overlooked, while the ones that act out demand more attention. It's very unfortunate, and I try to make a conscious effort to attend to the cooperative pts...if/when I have time after managing the ones acting out.
  13. mystory

    A Nurse CAN be both sexy & smart

    Why do people see sexy and professional as mutually exclusive? I love fashion and I consider my clothing and appearance as one venue to express myself. I have fun with it..I worked today and wore an argyle skirt with colored tights. (I work psych so I get to wear street clothes). I think I looked sexy and professional. My clothing is often fitted but I don't expose anything below my clavicle or above my knees. I usually wear my hair down and voluminized. I wear minimal makeup but accentuate my eyeleashes. When I worked med/surg, I wore scrubs seamed to the curves of a woman's body and cute, colorful sneakers. As someone said, pretty is as pretty does. I wish women accepted each other more and the diverse ways we choose to present ourselves.
  14. mystory

    What's my nursing specialty?

    Consider psych. I made the switch from Med/Surg and haven't looked back. I find psych to be less stressful because it is less task-oriented. I teach everyday..I even teach some classes on goal setting, self esteem, and meditation. There is time to talk to patients, as that is predominantly what we do. It is exciting and different everyday, as pts. can suddenly present with acute psychosis, mania, catatonia, etc. However, you said you want to be able to control what's going on, and that is certainly not the case with psych. I cannot think of a specialty to accomodate that..maybe OR?
  15. mystory

    HATE my job!!!

    I hear you! I left social work for nursing and oh, how I miss it! I worked at a hospital as a SW, and when pts. would tell me that they want red jello instead of lime, ESPN has fuzzy reception, a family member needs a heated blanket, their trash needs emptying, etc, it was not my problem..I told them to push the call light. Somehow, it didn't register when I was considering nursing that all of those things would be my problem. Nursing is an exceedingly poorly defined role, in my opinion, and the boundaries are non-existent. Sometimes I feel more like a servant than a professional. It's numbing.