Passed CPNE in Chambersburg PA!

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    Just wanted to give some positive vibes, to those who are preparing for Cpne. I was one of six that passed this weekend, and I am currently recovering in my bed from the mental discharge over the wknd
    I used Robs for mnemonics for labs and assessments and did one month of Sheri Taylor's online workshop. Set up a practice lab stations at home. I took 5 weeks to study, full time! Read many, MANY, cpne journals..those really give you an idea what to expect and what not to do. You really need to know why people fail, it is those little things that will stick in your head and you will not make that mistake.
    I passed my labs on Friday, passed pedi but had sub adult, failed the next one!, Sunday I passed both.
    I have read some negative reviews from people that did not pass cpne, and I must disagree with them. The weekend is very strict, by the excelsior rules, but it is very doable. I failed with a mistake on my part. I made sure to be more thorough on Sunday. They expect you to be a competent graduate nurse, and the wknd will brake you or make you.
    And by the way, all of the instructors seemed strict but I felt they really wanted you to do well. Hope this helps!

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    Congratulations! It is a huge accomplishment and a huge weight off your shoulders.

    My 8 hour drive home after I passed just flew by, I was so in shock that I had passed and was really done with it(I even got pulled over for speeding and did not care (but did not get a ticket)).

    I knew instantly on one of my labs that I had failed (put the needless syringe in the trash, not the sharps box!), but I passed them on the retest and did not fail any patients (not sure how, I swore I did horrible).

    Now on to the NCLEX (which I found not that hard since I had been taking this style test for a while now, even in the same test center).

    Good luck with the rest of your stuff and hopefully you will be an RN in no time.
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    Firstly congratulations! That is very exciting, with every additional person passing there seems to be at least some hope.

    What did you think of the Chambersburg location? What was the facility like? How did the staff and proctors treat you? I am nowhere near being CPNE eligible (and am actually probably dropping from the program here shortly), but if I do make it to that point this is the location I am considering. I live in Pittsburgh so I have a little less than a 3 hour drive to this site.

    Congrats again and good luck on the NCLEX!!!
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    Congrats .

    Good luck on the NCLEX

    Thank you for the positive vibes!!! I'm still waiting on my CPNE date.
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    Congratulations! And thank you for your thoughts and advice!
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    Thanks and wish you the same in becoming an RN!
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    You can do it Medic112! Stay positive and do one thing at a time, that's what got me thru it. I never read any comments or did any research on cpne until I passed Fcca classes. I also tried to stay away from any negative posts few weeks prior to testing because it would just make me feel worse and not confident that I could pass.
    I recommend the hospital, because it is a small community hospital and you don't get too many difficult patients. There was one child in the entire hospital. I actually thanked the CE's for being SO down to earth and making it as positive of experience as they COULD have. If I had to re do it, I would feel lucky to do it there again.
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    congrats. i am new to this site and also taking cpne in chambersburg hospital in june
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    Congrats. I love reading the success stories, especially as I am coming closer to the FCCA. It helps to know it's all worth it. All the best to you.
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