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infinity85 ASN, BSN, LPN, RN, APRN, NP

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infinity85 has 6 years experience as a ASN, BSN, LPN, RN, APRN, NP.

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  1. infinity85

    license by endorsement california specifics

    Hi ArmaniX- I have seen on the forum that california bon won't except rn education from Excelsior college... my question is even though I completed my ASN with excelsior would that pose a problem for me since I finished my BSN with Chamberlain
  2. infinity85

    license by endorsement california specifics

    Hello all! I tried searching the forum but didn't see anyone with my particular issue. I'm a newly licensed FNP, I want to be licensed in california, however, I received my ASN with Excelsior but BSN with Chamberlain. Meaning I know I have to endorse my RN license in order to apply for APRN endorsement. Will I be able to endorse my RN license in California being that I received my ASN with Excelsior but BSN with Chamberlain? Thank you!
  3. infinity85

    Capella or WGU

    Hi - if you dont mind me asking, where did you end up going for your DNP? thank you!
  4. please help! i want to start my bsn asap. looking into chamberlain, capella flexpath, wgu,and excelsior. money is tight, and i do want to continue onto do my NP. so please any info would be helpful! thank you
  5. hi delynn i have pm'd you . thanks!
  6. infinity85

    Oh well...Three-peat?

    hi bsnbedone! glad to see you here still- i have become a RN now! woohoo. onto my bsn journey now. i happened to see our message exchange from like 2 years ago. and yes you are still hilarious!
  7. infinity85

    Chamberlain Rn-BSN online starting 1/2/17

    hi could you add me to that group as well? i will pm you. thank you!
  8. Hello all- Merry Christmas! wanting to do my RN to BSN and looking into Chamberlain, because i want to continue into doing my NP there as well. If people who have attended or are attending Chamberlain could answer the following, or give any other tips i would be forever grateful! : 1- on average how much did you end up spending on tuition, did you receive financial aid 2- how long did it take to finish the rn to bsn program, BSN to NP 3-how are the classes? quizzes/tests/papers/discussion groups? 4- how are the professors 5- were advisors readily available I have been researching, and I figured the fastest way to get answers is by writing a thread- i apologize if it is repetitive, but I want to start my BSN asap! thank you!!
  9. infinity85

    slayed the beast this weekend

    congrats!! where did you take your CPNE?
  10. infinity85

    Just started Excelsior!

    good luck on your journey bflint!! one advice I can give you is once you start don't stop, because if you procrastinate you won't even know how a year has flown by!
  11. infinity85

    Feeling drain waiting for a CPNE date.

    I wish there wasn't such a long wait, its hard after you have a momentum going, and all of a sudden full stop because you have to wait for the CPNE date. i will keep calling everyday also!
  12. infinity85

    Taking a class

    Hi- I took the class for lifespan 1, the 8 week course. You have quizzes and exams (midterm, and final) which are timed, and you take it at home (you don't get a lot of time, so you must know the material). there was a paper due at the 6th week I believe. There is discussion groups that you have to participate in, and that was the easiest percentage you can get just for participating. Everything has percentages to it, so if you do bad on an exam, at least you can make it up in other areas. It seems like a lot of work, but it kept me disciplined, and since I knew I had deadlines, I kept on top of it. I did this while working full time. I personally loved the class, I tested out the rest of the theory exams. Hope this info helps
  13. infinity85

    LS 2 ...umm?

    Hello- I used the Saunders and SG101 for the lifespan series, but mostly saunders. But that is just me. Good luck!
  14. infinity85

    Offically RN Excelisor College

    Congrats Nibbles!!!!! where did you take the CPNE?
  15. infinity85

    It's a pass in Utica!

    omg Congrats ahinman!!! please do share your experience!
  16. infinity85

    Onto the BEAST!


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