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  1. tua25227

    Question about credit by exam

    Credit by exam is you pay for the test around $ 300- 400 per exam. depend upon upon which exam you take. you have to study for test, and go and take exam.
  2. tua25227

    Health assesment- shadow health

    Thankyou Kidzcare for you encouragement. I passed the shadow health 80%. All you need to do is look at instructions and it will tell you what to ask to tina jones in each sections.
  3. tua25227

    NurseAshley. BSN, RN!!

    congrats nurse ashley
  4. Hi eyery body, i am doing health assesment class right now and i am having some tough time with shadow health - Tina Jones. can any one tell me some tips to how to pass the shadow health. i heard that we have to ask lot of questions to the patient inoder to pass the shadow health part of health assesment. Thank you.
  5. tua25227

    wgu starting in september

    Hi commuter, Thankyou for your replay, can you elaborate on the community health class little more and I thought we the 90 hours clinical at the end of the program.
  6. tua25227

    wgu starting in september

    Hi every one, I am very excited to start WGU starting in September. I had to complete 31 credits altogether. I have to take statistics and all nursing classes. I would like to know which classes I should take first and which classes are easy to finish. I am planning to finish it in less than an year. any advice?. Thank you.
  7. tua25227

    Taking credit classes

    thanks for everybody's input, I was talking about WGU expriation date about statistics. I took it in spring 2009. will they will be able to accept that class.
  8. tua25227

    Taking credit classes

    thank you klone for the response. can any one tell me what is the expriation date for statistics
  9. tua25227

    Taking credit classes

    hi everyone, I am planning to enroll in wgu rn - bsn program. I have taken A&P 1 and 2 with lab, back in 2006 in college and also microbiology. do I have to repeat these classes if I am starting this degree.
  10. tua25227

    writing essay

    hi everyone, i just finished with excelsior college and planning to attend WGU to complete BSN. i heard tre were a lot of essays to write. i am not very good at writing essays, so i am planning to attend community college to take a basic writing english course. can any body who completes bsn from WGU tell me if it is a good idea and any thoughts about this. thankyou
  11. tua25227

    CPNE Waiting Game

    Sorry to hear that. This winter season is very bad this year. I am also attending the april workshop in atlanta.
  12. tua25227

    CPNE Waiting Game

    hi 1mrsbs, i recently jointed this site, i saw that u recently attented workshop in atlanta. i just want to know how was the work shop. thankyou.
  13. tua25227

    Passed CPNE in Chambersburg PA!

    congrats. i am new to this site and also taking cpne in chambersburg hospital in june