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  1. Hello Everyone, Looking at renewing for the first time my RN license, and noticed there are Opiate and Organ donation required CEU's. Anyone have 'free' source for these two items? Also, if anyone has a current list of sites giving free ceu's, I wou...
  2. Excelsior ADN => WGU RN-BSN

    Hi Everyone, I had a life changing event and realized furthering my education as a Nurse will improve my job satisfaction and quality of work life. So looking forward to WGU, but open to suggestions. I am trying to make life changes now to focus on...
  3. Need help getting endorsement in NJ

  4. Agency Nursing Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a "good" agency that has a lot of contract jobs, from FT(36hrs) to even per diem work. Of course looking the typical items, large pool of jobs/contracts, best pay, flexibility for even per diem contracts, and agency that wa...
  5. Hello Everyone, I had a planned start date coming up soon for WGU, but set backs with finances pushed that start date further back. However, I want to fly through BSN requirements once I get the chance to start WGU. These are my non-nursing require...
  6. Expanding my ER experience, Eastern Pa.

    How about Pottstown Memorial Medical Center?
  7. Expanding my ER experience, Eastern Pa.

    I'm seeing job postings for Doylestown Hospital and sometimes Grand View. Any comments about pay/environment/experience?
  8. Hospitals in the Lehigh Valley and starting salary?

    I like Glassdoor, take with grain of salt, since anyone can say anything. Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network Reviews | Glassdoor Disclosure: I don't work for LVHN, by choice. Thx,
  9. CEN 2016!

    Following since right now I'm studying for CEN as well.
  10. Hi Everyone, Completing my first year in the ER and looking to expand my experience, without suffering a pay cut. My current position has basicly has unlimited overtime, but I want to spend my time at a different hospital, per diem/part time only. I...
  11. Getting licensed at same time as Pa?

    Hello Everyone, Looking at licensing options, and I talked to another nurse and he said getting licensed in Pa then trying to get a NJ license by 'endorsement' takes a while, a long while. So he advised me, as a new graduate, to apply for both state...
  12. CPNE complete.

    Only a few days ago, I was told I 'passed' the CPNE and was handed a form letter. Very sterile and surreal. Today I got the first acknowledgement of my success, an email informing me I can now start using ATI for passing the Nclex. Guessing now it...
  13. Onto the BEAST!

  14. Got My Diploma Today

    Congrats!!!! FYI, very jealous here.
  15. OK, with still only four weeks left I feel lost, but confident I can get completely ready for the CPNE. I do not have the time to travel to a workshop so decided to do online version. I have come down to two, Rob's and Sherri's. I have read the re...