RN who has an idea to do CNA skills only, for nurses pay.

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    This might sound crazy. I have been a nurse for 6 years and some days just feel burn't out. Sometimes I wish I could just be a CNA again, but still get my RN salary. I've had the idea to start an independent non-medical home care buisness. (Showering pt's, cooking, cleaning, errand running.) I would not have anyone working for me. I would have a lawyer write up a form basically stating that I am there only for these services and not to assess the pt medically. What do you think about this? How do you think this could work or do you think it's a crazy idea?

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    this sounds like a home help service.

    Best of luck with it.
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    Quote from IowafemaleRN
    I would have a lawyer write up a form basically stating that I am there only for these services and not to assess the pt medically. What do you think about this? How do you think this could work or do you think it's a crazy idea?
    There is no way you can legally say that you are there only to do ADL-type services and not function as an RN. Your RN license is 24/7/365; you can't turn it on and off at will. If something went sideways at a client's home and they sued you, the court would hold you to the standard of care for your highest level of education and licensure, regardless of what you and the client had agreed.

    We all have days when we wish we could have an easier job "but still get my RN salary." But this is what you sign up for when you enter a licensed occupation/profession. We are voluntarily agreeing to accept a higher standard of accountability than the average citizen.
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    I think if that was an option, we would all do it. Less responsibility and stress would be amazing. Have you considered a different type of nursing? Maybe case management?

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    Why would someone pay a nurse's salary to someone who was doing CNA work??
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    I thought I could get the same pay, because if you call around to non-medical home health agencies they charge around $40.00 an hour just for an aide to come out. I agree with you ELKPARK though theres no way getting around the legal aspect of standard of care for highest level of education. Therefore this would not be realistic. I've thought about doing home health case management. Not sure how stressful that would be. I'm deffinitely not lazy, but feel very stressed some days working in the busy hospital. Thanks for your guys feedback!
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    To OP - agencies may charge families/pts $40/hr but the HHA/CNA certainly isn't getting paid $40/hr!

    That's why I get so annoyed when facilities whine $$$$ budget, budget, budget, but they'll pay an agency for temp nurses at basically double to triple a nurses's salary. Yeah, some agencies DO pay their nurses well, but not triple!
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    Thats why I thought if you were a nurse you could do the CNA skills yourself for the pt in the community and charge less than a Home Health Agency because you don't have the overhead costs or have to split your profits with anyone else, (except paying your own taxes).
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    I'm about to start a business doing similar work, but marketing myself as a personal-care RN (sort-of a private duty RN but not doing high level nursing like trachs or kiddos). My plan is to market to elderly or other folks who aren't getting medicare-paid home health but who need extra help doing simple medical tasks like help with medications, safety checks, bp checks, wound care, blood draws, vit b12 shots, ride to Dr's office, Rx delivery, diabetes checks, education, etc. I will offer to communicate with their doc if needed. My background is working in a physician office, home health, in-home care and in-patient rehab so I really don't have skills to do high acuity nursing.

    Maybe you could offer lower-level nursing services like this so you can still market yourself as an RN and charge RN rates.
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    The only way to do this is to give up your RN license. Since I am sure you don't want to do that, you'll need to figure out a way to integrate the state licensure requirement to be held to RN standard of care Into what you want to do.

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