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  1. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    In Person Contact Hours - Ohio Approval

    Hi All, I'm having an event in Cincinnati with a Nurse speaker. My organization has CEU approval from Florida Board of Nursing. Does anyone know if I hold an event in OHIO, would OBN accept contact hours for Ohio Nurses for this event via Florida Board of Nursing? I've found one site that : https://approvedmedicalce.com/wp-content/uploads/Ohio.pdf A CE activity that has been approved by a board or agency regulating the licensee or certificate holder in another jurisdiction; • A CE activity that has been approved or provided by a nationally recognized accreditation system of CE. A national certifying organization that meets the requirements in division (A) of section 4723.46 of the Revised Code; Ohio Board of Nursing accepts continuing education that is approved by other state nursing boards. Lawriter - OAC I
  2. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

    Hi there.. I'm a CNO a Nursing Staffing Agency.. and we are moving into markets that require drug testing. We staffing Nursing Homes, so many of our markets haven't asked for Urine Drugs testing before in the past. My Question, for you hospital travelers: How is the pre-employment drug testing usually done? Does your agency usually ask you to complete this test within a certain period of time? (when you accept the shift? Right before you start the shift?) Thanks for your guidance!
  3. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Agency Use? How Much & Staffing Solutions

    Hi All, I know Per Diem Staffing Agency use is sometimes a necessary evil. I'm looking to start a thread on the utilization and solutions. If you could chime in, I think this could help out other like Minded DONs. 1.) What City/State are you based out of? 2.) # Beds in your Facility 3.) Number of shifts per week covered by Agency a.) Before staffing solution b.) After Staffing Solution 4.) Unique staffing solution that has helped reduced the usage of Agency (example, new grad orientation, internal float pool, scheduling system, etc..)
  4. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Creating my own agency

    Hey fellow Entrepreneurs. I've taken my little agency to a rather large agency in the past year (with the help of a great team). We now staff 35 facilities in the Metro Boston Region and are moving down the Coast shortly. We've found our niche in Per Diem... but travel nursing, I can assume is similar (we do occasionally block book our local providers---- which is similar to travel contracts). As far as finding new contracts... in our business (LTC facilities).. we show up at the door, or get a meeting ahead of time. The sales process can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. We have to convince our facilities that we provide a benefit over their other 5-10 agencies that they already have an existing relationship. At this point, we've been rather successful... most of our facilities have gone from using 5-6 agencies (prior to our arrival) to 1-2 agencies after we have been with them for 2-3 months. Our business is slightly different from a Travel Agency, but I might be able to answer some questions in the overall Nurse Staffing business if someone is curious.
  5. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Update... My business went from 1 facility (August 2016), to 9 facilities (last post- Jan 2017), and we are now at 35 facilities with my On-Demand Staffing company. I've been able to build my internal team from 5 to 25 , and our Provider pool from 100 to 600 (since the last post). We have raised some capital at this point, and will began expanding / launching our service across several Northeast States. My recommendation, get a good team (that has more experience than yourself)... and implement technology that can streamline your process to an efficiency level that was not thought to be possible (at least this has worked for my business).
  6. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Hi All... Roll Call present. I am a recent graduate FNP (RN for 7 years) however, I was taken back down my entrepreneurial side after 1 week of practicing as an NP. 6 months ago... my non-medical home care business transitioned to CNA/Nurse staffing. We started with 0 Nursing homes ... today we are staffing 9 Nursing Homes as the primary agency. It's Alot of work... no sleep... stressful..... but in the end.. I have a feeling its going to pay off.
  7. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    AANP FNP Exam-- All Clinical Questions?

    Hi BostonFNP, I have read through this resource several times, however, my anecdotal observation of this forum show that most testers do not find non-clinical questions on the AANP FNP test. I would rather concentrate more so on the important topics of the test. Thanks!
  8. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    AANP FNP Exam-- All Clinical Questions?

    Hi Everyone, I'm taking AANP FNP exam in 6 days and I have been utilizing Leik's Intensive review and going through questions on boardvitals.com Boardvitals.com has two options for NP AANC and AANP. I was under the impression that the AANP section would get rid of some of the non-clinical questions (theory, legislation, research, professional practice)... but it is still included. Does the AANP test have this information this isn't related to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment? I keep on getting the research and professional practice questions wrong... should I actually be studying for these questions for the AANP exam?
  9. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Vein Clinic?

    Anyone know of a NP established Vein Clinic? I assume you would need a collaborator from a vascular surgeon? Several practices seem to utilize NPs including: Vein Clinic - Horizon Surgical Specialists I noticed that Advanced has a good article on NP + PA performing Varicose Veins
  10. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    any nurse entrepreneurs outside of nursing?

    Kinda... I'm a co-founder, but now more of an advisor, to an On-Demand staffing App/platform for non-medical home-care and Nursing facilities. More business development, streamlining, and coding than actually utilizing my clinical skills. Anyhow, I'm taking my digital marketing experience in bringing it back to the clinical side as I obtain experience as an NP and open up some sort of multi-location practice.
  11. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Finding a supervising MD

    Sign up for a Linkedin account that allows you to send private messages. Contact all the local physician, tell them your experience, your business plan, their expected commitment (minimum), and their pay. You should get a good amount of response back if the pay is high and the work is low. I don't think they would take an offer on profit (profit comes later), but a percentage of collections would work best for you to start. Try signing a 1-2 year deal, then later on.. you can negotiate a set monthly fee that works better for you.
  12. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Pay for Performance % of Collections

    Hello everyone, I seeking recommendations from fellow Entrepreneurial NPs. I just graduated and am negotiating my first NP job. I didn't mention salary during my first 2 meetings, but my future collaborator/owner of practice asked me, so I responded, "what do you typically start new grads off"? His response, 90k, and we can also talk about production bonus. This was a month prior to my graduation. A couple weeks later, he has sent over a contract without production bonus. The field that I'm entering is considered cosmetics/derm with some urgent care, but a very small niche. I estimate my collections at around $400k per year with the schedule of their clientele, and with my background of digital marketing/sales, I could potentially double the revenue within a year. 1.) I'm definitely going to respond with a counter offer, but what have you guys/gals seen out there for slam dunk contracts? I'm thinking... after six month training period of base salary, bonus structure would come into effect: Assume collection target threshold = 3 X base salary ($270,000) Annual collections between $270,000 and $450,000 = bonus of 22% of those collections Annual collections between $450,000 and $600,000 = bonus of 30% of those collections Annual collections exceeding $600,000 = bonus of 35% of those collections 2.) Do I ask for bonus structure to be paid out quarterly, based on my collections x 4 (to correlate for expected collections in one year)? 3.) Does anyone have a contract language that has a collection bonus that I could see? How to Secure a Top-Notch Employment Agreement
  13. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Graduated a year ago, no job

    I've gotten several meeting with providers by asking non-threatening advice via Linkedin messaging (not requests- those are junk), which has turned into interviews /offers during our talks (even when I wasn't looking for a spot at their practice). I would try it out. Don't sound needy during your messages... offer some praise "I have heard through some colleague that you are well respected in the community of Ob-Gyn"..... etc. Ask if they would have a couple free minutes to talk in person. You would be surprised what this can lead to. FYI.. My response rate was probably 1 out of 10... it is better if you can mention someone they know, or something about them that you can relate to. (previous provider recommendation, publication, a client they may know).
  14. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Dangerous to be psych NP

    You are much more at risk being an RN in-patient in psych. Pysch providers typically stay far away from being assaulted and can recognize a bad situation from a mile away. As far as return on investment, if you search around this forum: 120k - 160k seems pretty reasonable to find for a salary. As an Independent Contractor/Entrepreneur you can earn around 200k.
  15. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Primary care PNPs in specialty practice?

    I was under the understanding that FNP was more outpatient "primary care" and Acute Care (Adult) NP was in-patient (I didn't rotate or do any training outside of primary care (urgent care) for my FNP). As long as you are working with and training with physician collaborator for your specialty field, go for it.
  16. Chris Caulfield RN NP-C

    Graduated a year ago, no job

    Get a Linkedin account (buy the sales package) and start connecting with business owners/partners at Ob-Gyn practices in your area. The local OB-GYN where I did my clinic (who I met on Linkedin) had his NPs manage the lower risk clients, most who were not pregnant. It's all about building your network. I have gotten several jobs offers in specialty fields by contracting MDs seeking information and showing my potential value to their practice. Applying through the job sites (indeed, monster) will just put you in the pile of applicants... I wouldn't recommend it. One major consideration is that when searching for a job, you are on a "sales" call. Find out what they want to here, and make sure you are presenting yourself as an addition to their team that will Significantly help their cause (what ever this is).

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