DNP scholarships?


I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into the DNP Scholarships for Distance-based MSN to DNP programs?

I'm a Nurse Entrepreneur who would eventually love to teach (professor) a distance-based Nursing program (with a concentration on Innovation/Leadership).

A couple of different factors that may, or may not, make my application more competitive, but I'd like to get some thoughts from the community.

1) I have a fast-growing, VC backed Nurse Technology company... maybe a scholarship at a DNP - Leadership/Innovation focus?????? Does anyone know any good programs that have offered this before? Or if you believe the right pitch could work for a particular university out there with this focus.

2.) I've been pinged quite frequently from my past Universities to help them apply for grants as a tech and nurse workforce is a hot topic for funding/grants (several grants in the works). Has anyone arranged with their university to sponsor their DNP by using funding for other faculty members' research or future research?

Also, are there any good 'national' / international scholarship programs that fund DNP students if they have potential to have to solve (or research) a big problem in Nursing?

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback. I'd love to move forward with advancing my formal education, but I'm still concerned about the existing student debt I'm still working to pay off.