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I am starting a new business as an independent contract nurse that I hope to eventually turn into an agency. I also hope to do some writing ( nurse/cna educational materials). Does any one have... Read More

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    How about "Hearts & Hands" ?

    I used to tell Hubby we would open a business together...he enjoys guns and I enjoy art...we'd open a side-by-side business and call it "Draw" !!!

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    Great Names you guz! It has been fun reading them.

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    My business is FEET FIRST. I asked my first two dozen clients to come up with a name for my business. The ones I chose to vote on were: "Soul Care", "PediCare" and "Feet First". Then they had to vote on those three--"Feet First" won by three votes. So, FEET FIRST it is. The legal name for my business is: FEET FIRST/ Foot Care Nursing Service.

    Let us know what you come up with, Tinker.

    Lois Jean

    It works for me!
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    1.) Preferred Professionals (P.P. Well, now that I think about it......maybe that would be more suitable for a urology or dialysis specific business.)

    2.) RN's On Call

    3.) STAT Preferred Healthcare
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    Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts! So many ideas... I have so much to think about now! Just got back from Dallas...a family thing...Sorry it took so long to reply!
    Yes, Night, I have searched the available names. Nursing Solutions was taken for the corporation, but I can name my "doing business as" pretty much anything. There are few small agencies in my area...Anyway! Thanks again
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    IF you want to be listed first in the telephone book add AA (for always available) to your name:
    AA Nursing Professionals
    ABC Nursing Care.....
    Like many of Hoolihan's +ITSJUSTMEZOE ideas.
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    Client Centred Nursing Care?
    Or All-nursing Care ( But maybe Brian might get a little snotty:roll ) Good luck and best wishes for your new venture!
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    Tinker: Word of mouth goes a long way in establishing your reputation and providing you with free advertisement....especially with the elderly. They may have a problem with short term memory loss, but they never forget who gave them good care.