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and do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

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    Quote from RainbowSkye
    Well, I don't disagree with what you say, but I think it is more than not having access to a primary care provider. I live in a very rural area in the deep south, and even here we have a Public Health Department, a federally funded clinic for the indigent and working poor as well as a community mental health center.

    Unfortunately, I think many folks come to the ER for other reasons:

    -convenience (no need to make an appointment, and where else can you get your kids' runny noses checked out, your vag bleeding evaluated and your mom's migraine treated all at the same time and place? I mean, what ER nurse hasn't heard "While I'm here....")
    -avoidence (you can't hardly go back to your pcp for more Lorcet when you just got your 'script filled yesterday)
    -the system: some people must have that dreaded doctor's excuse to go back to work after only one sick day and if you live in an area with no urgent care, what can they do? Also, I think we've taught people over the past few generations to rely on the system instead of thinking for themselves (so of course you bring you kids to the doc if they vomit once).
    -lack of funds (like we're not going to ask them to pay and then follow-up on it)

    I think the answer is going to depend on a change in the whole health care system, and pardon my cynical attitude, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon.
    I agree w/ every one of your points. The health care system has to change to get better, but I also don't see it happening any time soon. Too many people want cutting edge medical care for minor needs, and not enough people get it when it's really needed. We don't put enought funding into well-baby clinics in inner-city and rural areas, there is not enough mental health services, this country has the highest health care costs, but we don't have the highest infant survival rates, the greatest longevity rates..... There's something wrong w/ this picture. But this forum is about weird stuff coming into the ER rather than sounding off about the problems in the health care system in the US. And there is plenty of weird stuff!

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    "I stepped on a tack", is one reply I remember, when asking an older man, what brought him here at 2 am. Jumped right on that one. He ended up getting a tetanus shot & a bandaid. I don't remember if he went to x-ray to r/o a FB.
    Also, getting several chest pains in a row is irritating. I think they are come in clusters. Just kidding....
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    That is a great reason to go the ED. You should not have waited so long. That's what the ED is all about. Glad you feel better & drink your H2o.

    Quote from jyoung1950
    As a matter of fact, in the wee hours of Monday morning, I woke up with severe pain on my left side front and back and radiating down my groin. I also had alot of pressure to urinate but when I tried could only void a very small amount. Also had vomiting and nausea.

    Well, the pain would not subside. Any Tylenol I tried to take for it was vomited up.

    Finally after 3 hours of this, I dragged my aching body to the car and drove down to the ER at 4:30 in the morning. I could not understand what could be causing the pain and was, understandably, afraid.

    There was blood in my urine and they did a catscan, but the nurses had already figured out I had a kidney stone ("doing the kidney stone dance").

    They put an IV in me for fluid and pain medicine and when I was awake enough let me go home with vicodin and suppositories for nausea and vomiting. Doc instructed me to see a urologist in the next couple days.

    I hope the ER staff didn't think me coming down with a KS was silly. I live alone and just have myself to depend on. They sure did help me out - the pain was unbearable.

    Just a little anecdotal story.
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    A mother bringing in an 15yo boy who had been playing on the escalator in the local shopping mall. He claimed to have gotten the bottom of his pant leg material stuck in the escalator, bent down and ripped it out with a hard pull. Nothing happened, no injury, no problem. She wanted a 'medical record' so that she could sue the shopping centre. When questioned the little *%$* admitted that he and his friends had been thrown out of the shopping centre by security officers many times for playing on he escalator.

    Another time we had a mother bring in 3 little snotty nose brats to be "checked for snake bite". Nothing had happened, nobody had seen a snake. No symptoms. She had read a report in the local paper that it was snake season in the area.
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    I like the pt who came into ER via EMS hyperventilating after doing shots, and sucked some down the wrong way.
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    Quote from teeituptom
    I like the pt who came into ER via EMS hyperventilating after doing shots, and sucked some down the wrong way.
    How about..... I just received my new TennCare card (like Medicaid) and wanted to see what it would get me.
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    Ear wax
    an elderly man arrived in a medical center I was working in and wanted his ears cleaned
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    I love these tales, they are so painfully true.

    The whole bottom line (in NC anyways) is they don't HAVE to pay, period.
    If they don't have Mediciad, which most do (which is why I pay $1700.00 a year tax to live in a 100k house{tax value, prolly couldn't sell it for 75)), they just don't pay PERIOD. They don't work, you can't garnish them, they don't own, you can put liens against, etc. etc.

    I did ED for about 5 years and boy, this thread has made me laugh AND sigh.
    People are soooooo sad, it's really pathetic.

    I had a lost tampon story too, but she DIDN"T EVEN KNOW IT

    CC: Vag D/C and " odor" YA THINK???????

    Also the sweet couple who came in with the dueling clap. She got her 2.4 mils PCN w/ that ole #18 (you can tell how long ago this was), then she had to join him and "watch" him get his shot for "punishment"

    I was so sick of them both that I was a "bad" nurse and didn't make him lay on his belly, just let him stay on his side, and when I popped him with the trusty #18 he yelled "yow" and jerked his hips forward RIGHT OFF THE NEEDLE

    I said aaawww, geeeee, whizzz, whadja do that for, now I'm gonna have to stick ya again

    I don't miss it, It's for young folks! Hat's off and God bless ya'all that can hang with it!
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    Wow, TMPaul, do you know my husband's sister? Sounds EXACTLY like something she'd do! LOLOL
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    Quote from Stitchie
    There's a running joke in our ER about the sickest people being the most considerate.
    Gotta love healthcare. We have a running joke in my NICU that the sickest babies always have the nicest parents.
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