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  1. LOLOL. 2 terms of complete fluff organic chem while real men like you took "real" classes. You're the biggest troll I've ever seen online. Great for laughs. Thanks for letting the rest of know we are the little people.
  2. Why don't you tell us? Most bachelor's degrees in nursing in my area require organic chem.
  3. gospa

    Why have you decided to become a NP and not a Doctor?

    double post
  4. gospa

    Why have you decided to become a NP and not a Doctor?

    I would go to medical school but I'm 42 and don't want to finish residencies when I am 50 and have more than $500K in loans plus interest and lost income for the years not working while in medical school. I work in emergency medicine and for what it's worth many of the residents I speak to regret the avenue they took, saying it wasn't worth giving up so many years of their life. That made me wonder. I graduate from NP school this year. I took this route because it costs much less, I don't have to give up a decade of my life, and my wife and I wouldn't be able to pay our mortgage. The reason I didn't go PA is the school is ONLY full-time that I know of in my area and I cannot go without a job during that time. I have no regrets.
  5. gospa

    Need pedi rotation for FNP

    Hello colleagues, I had a preceptorship fall through today and am looking for a pedi rotation of 7 weeks or 112 hours in the Providence/Boston area. I attend Simmons College, which claims to find preceptors for students, but cannot always do so. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I have called around some and never get anywhere.
  6. gospa

    Hotel for day sleep for 3rd shifter?

    Ned what do you mean "you will have to prorate your per diem to only the days away from home." My stipend does not show divisions such that this much is for food, this much is for gasoline, this much is lodging. How would I prorate to only the two days I am in Boston? I plan to keep all receipts for food, mileage logs, and of course rental agreements.
  7. Hi all. I am taking my first contract RN job in Boston. It is 70 miles from home and I will be working 12 hour shifts overnight weekends only. So I will stay at the hotel on the weekend and then drive home for the week. My question is, for lodging are there hotels that let you "check in" at 7 in the morning so you can sleep all day until work? In my research so far, airbnb and hotels all have check in later in the day like noon or 3 p.m. How does a third shifter find a hotel? thanks for any advice.
  8. Here's a good one. Few months back, someone comes in by EMS for dizzyness. When did it start? "Someone rang my doorbell at 10 p.m. and when I opened the door there was a brownie on the ground. I ate it and I've felt really weird since." Who the heck eats food randomly found food at their doorstep. Imagine their luck, it was the special brownie.
  9. gospa

    where else do ER nurses go?

    Most of our ED nurses leave for PACU or cath lab.
  10. gospa

    I start in the ER next week!

    I was an ER tech then did medsurg RN then returned HOME to the ED. You'll do fine. Read books, take notes, ask questions of both Drs and RNs. Also I find it pretty important to be a great teammate. I help my team nurses to the max. When you can, make yourself available. Another RN starting an IV for you while you interview and assess the pt can really save time. Then I help that RN do the same for their next pt whenever I'm not swamped. Your teammates will notice and in my experience they oftentimes become more than willing to help you. Best of luck.
  11. gospa

    Where do I belong?

    Weird to me that you are "annoyed" by lower acuity patients. Especially for a newer RN? You should learn all you can from all your patients including lower acuity. There are always things to learn from each case, esp for a newer RN. And even more so should you develop aspirations in the future of becoming an advanced practice RN. I am in NP school and try to learn from each case whether I am in express or have 2 GI bleeds, a meningitis, and a chest pain. Good luck. The ER rocks.
  12. gospa

    "Bleed" an IV line

    Thanks all. I didn't even know there was a policy for draining a portion of the insulin bag. But I searched and found we do. It's 50cc. Seems silly to me to fill 100 units of insulin in a 100 bag and then waste half the entire bag. But if that's what evidence shows is best practice then that's what I'll do.
  13. gospa

    New to ER

    It is good that you want to read and learn. Too many nurses I've seen are cocky and figure they know it all or will remember it all without writing anything down. A brilliant resident I work with takes notes every shift for things he did not know or wanted to increase his knowledge base about. He reviews the notes and researches at home and is stronger for the next shift. Go to amazon and look up Emergency RN books, there are several good ones. Look for the highest rated ones. You will need to know why we give what we do for allergic reactions, MI, kidney stones, etc. Some of these books explain they physiological background and treatments for conditions we commonly see in the ED. Also, I make notes in the note program of smart phone. I have notes on drips, unusual medication preparations, important things I've learned and want to store in my long-term memory (including some that resident taught me!). Best of luck mate.
  14. gospa

    "Bleed" an IV line

    So I read that study but am still unclear on what I would do differently. I will look into policy. But policy aside, for theoretical purpose: I put 100 units regular insulin into 100 cc bag. I prime it so that the insulin reaches the end of the line and is now pouring out. If I prime out another 20+ cc into the waste bin, then I waste and lose 20 units of insulin, now leaving my bag 80 units of insulin. However, the ratio of 1 unit of insulin to 1cc of NS remains the same. I understand the tubing may absorb some of my insulin, but what now?
  15. gospa

    Newbie in ER, feeling hopeless

    Pebbles I am sorry to read about your experience. U may well be cut out for emergency nursing but it seems that you are not set up for success currently. I help precept occasionally and I would never treat someone like your preceptor is treating u. The goal should be to build you up not belittle you. I hope something changes for u. Regarding prioritizing, this is how I look at it. Remember I was also a medsurg nurse before. U should always be triaging. Everything u do is one big constant triage. Say room 30 is ordered Tylenol for a headache, 31 needs toradol for kidney stone. So right now I'm about to get up and get the toradol first, EMS rolls an ashen patient into 32 with chest pain. Well the sickest patient has now changed from one minute ago. Now I need to focus on the chest pain. And it keeps changing all shift long. You always ask yourself whose need is right now the priority? Its easy to be task oriented from being a medsurg nurse. I know. On the med floor for the most part many tasks could be done in whatever order. If it does not work out for u in this ER don't give up. U may just be in a poorly run ER. Best of luck.
  16. gospa

    Will an ER tech help me land a job in the ED?

    It certainly could help. I did that.