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  1. Hello! I have 5 years of experience as a med/tele RN, ER RN and most recently charge on a busy observation/short stay unit. I have a BSN and RN-BC in cardiac vascular nursing. I am looking to make a change and many people have suggested pre-op/PACU as a good place where you can utilize your nursing knowledge and combat some of the day-to-day stuff that burns out floor nurses. Any words of advice from seasoned PACU RNs? What do you love about the job? What do you hate? Thanks!
  2. Momma1RN

    Pregnant in Nursing School

    I was pregnant my senior year in nursing school. It can be physically tough even if you don't have complications like extreme nausea. No one can tell you how it will affect you, but I would personally consider waiting until you're almost done with school. I graduated, had my baby, took my NCLEX and got to spend the first few months with him before job searching.
  3. Momma1RN

    How to stand my ground

    I work at a facility that is constantly over capacity. There are not nearly enough beds in the hospital to handle the massive need in the community. My floor is often the only one with any beds and we are forced to take patients that we do not have the tools, resources, experience or competency to care for. Most of the staff have been nurses <1 year. We attempt to refuse patients from the ER that surpass our level of care and are told they're coming up anyways, or are threatened that if we do not take the patient, they are taking staff from our already short staffed floor and sending them somewhere else. We run out of equipment like telemetry monitors and if we're the only bed available, will discontinue orders for monitoring in order to send them to us (and these are patients who need to be monitored). I am at a loss about what to do as a charge nurse who is attempting to advocate and protect my staff (and my license as I'm forced to take a patient assignment as well). We do not have a union. And I'm wondering if it's time to move on in order to protect my license and livelihood. Thanks in advance for all advice and input.