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Momma1RN has 7 years experience as a MSN, RN, APRN.

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  1. Momma1RN

    NJ APRN license

    Hi Anyone have any idea how long the BON is taking for new APRN licenses these days? They’ve had my application for 3 weeks and just cashed the check. I’ve sat on hold for hours trying to talk to someone, for them to just tell me “we don’t give ...
  2. Momma1RN

    Best nursing background for FNP?

    I have worked in telemetry and ER and am about to go into my last semester of FNP school. I am VERY grateful for my ER experience and I think it's probably the best place to get experience prior to FNP school. I feel as though I'm a step ahead from m...
  3. Momma1RN

    Massachusetts now has Full Practice Authority

    Amazing! I am from MA and I honestly never thought I would see this happen. Way to go!
  4. Momma1RN

    Talk to me about your speciality

    I would love to specialize eventually. I love cardiology and palliative care. Many NPs suggest specializing is the key to good pay and work life balance. I would love to hear about your experiences in your specialty. Thanks!
  5. Momma1RN

    Thomas Jefferson University FNP 2020

    Hey! So I was accepted and start in spring 2020! They describe it as a “partnership” between staff and students for clinicals. Since I live in south jersey and prefer not to pay all the money for a PA license, I will likely have to find my own clinic...
  6. Hi! Did anyone else apply for spring or summer 2020 FNP program at TJU? I am in south jersey and know several people who've gone through the program. My status is verified and I've been in contact with a woman from admissions. Fingers crossed! Good l...
  7. Momma1RN

    Valuable life lessons from an ER nurse....

    Blood alcohol tests don’t lie.
  8. Momma1RN

    ACNP - Will I be missing out?

    What about FNP with a post masters ACNP or ED certificate?
  9. Hello! I have 5 years of experience as a med/tele RN, ER RN and most recently charge on a busy observation/short stay unit. I have a BSN and RN-BC in cardiac vascular nursing. I am looking to make a change and many people have suggested pre-op/PACU a...
  10. Momma1RN

    Pregnant in Nursing School

    I was pregnant my senior year in nursing school. It can be physically tough even if you don't have complications like extreme nausea. No one can tell you how it will affect you, but I would personally consider waiting until you're almost done with sc...
  11. Momma1RN

    How to stand my ground

    I work at a facility that is constantly over capacity. There are not nearly enough beds in the hospital to handle the massive need in the community. My floor is often the only one with any beds and we are forced to take patients that we do not have t...
  12. Momma1RN

    Study Book For Cardiac/Vascular Certification?

    Oh definitely not. I got one of the cheaper ones on amazon, wasn't more than $30. I passed first time.
  13. Momma1RN

    Case Management- insurance companies

    No, this is helpful PB- thank you! Good luck in your new position!
  14. I'm looking into work from home jobs with insurance companies. I have a BSN and three years of clinical experience (telemetry and emergency). I do not have CM or UM experience, though, and I'm curious for those who have entered this field with just c...
  15. Momma1RN

    Different roles In hospice

    Thank you so much! I am interviewing for an RN care coordinator position, whose hours are listed as M-F 8-4:30, but per the recruiter the schedule is flexible. I'm eager to speak with the manager this week about the role and just how flexible it is. ...