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Has anyone ever snapped while on the job? After all of the verbal abuse has anyone ever just gave back to the patient what they give to us? I did last night...all the threads I've searched no one has ever said they as the nurse... Read More

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    I only lasted a couple of months in a small town ER. That was more than enough. If you're livid when elderly people come in behaving like they own the place, yelling and complaining about everything and demanding to speak to the know you don't have the patience for the really tough patients.

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    Quote from marydc
    Stories like this are common, but always scare and surprise me. Violence against staff isn't tolerated where I work. When I was assaulted the hospital supported me.
    Youa re very lucky....for that is often not the case.....take a peek at this thread and the story of what a friend of mine experienced......
    Massachusetts Nurses Association - Health & Safety - Articles - Workplace Violence - In her own words: How ER assault has changed RN Charlene Richardson's life, work
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    hi folks, this is my first time posting here

    I precepted in a public hospital ER, where we were the safety net and often last resort for many patients. I once had a patient who was probably 18 or so, told me he had a migraine, and this was his third ER today because no one would give him pain medication. I thought the whole thing was odd, but was instructed to start an IV, so I did. After getting the IV in, he told me he wanted to go out and smoke a cigarette. I was taught by the ER staff to never let a patient with an intact IV go out and smoke- drug use runs rampant here, and god forbid they'd leave with the IV, want to get high and shoot whatever drug straight through it. I explained to him that it was hospital policy that I could not let him leave with an intact IV- if he wanted to go outside to smoke, I would have to pull it, and he would have to re-register. After I said that, he screamed at me that I was worthless, and to go F myself. he then yanked the IV out and stormed out of the hospital. I didn't even have time to say anything back, but I don't think there was much I could have said. He obviously had deeper issues, and me going off on him wasn't going to make the situation any better.

    On the other hand, I'm curious as to how people here would respond to a situation (that I would consider verbally abusive) with my preceptor. It was only the second code I'd ever been in the room for, and while the other staff were working on the coding patient, I was instructed to put a catheter in the patient. I had never placed one in a male patient before, so I asked for guidance from the nurse across from me while my preceptor was behind me scribing. After I told the nurse across from me that I hadn't put one in a male patient before, my preceptor says behind me, loud enough for the entire room of people to hear, "she is so young, I bet she's never seen a d*ck in her life." as time went on, she would yell at me in front of other staff members, and told me after running around with my head cut off for 12-16 hours, that I was not allowed to sit in a chair at all, because "only real nurses get to sit down to chart." I told my clinical advisor all this, who had a conversation with her- and my preceptor flat out told my advisor the reason she was so mean to me was because I was working toward my direct entry MSN degree, and she thought the degree was BS. I never said anything back to her, because she was in a position of power over me. I still wonder to this day if I was right to take the route I take with my patients- don't say anything nasty back, or if I should have stood up to her.
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    I 100% agree with OP. Maybe if more of us actually stood up for ourselves we would'nt be walked all over? I have zero tolerance for verbal abuse but I won't go off but instead call security to escort the offender(s) out.
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    Quote from pkateRN
    He obviously had deeper issues, and me going off on him wasn't going to make the situation any better.
    Sounds like his only issue was wanting an IV to make drug abuse easier... That, and being an *******, but the two are usually mutually exclusive. I have a personal policy that has served me well so far in my sixteen years..l never argue with someone who has to be convinced to seek health care (only exception being when we're legally required to). There is no reason whatsoever to waste your time trying to convince someone to get help when there are thousands of people waiting hours and hours for the chance of an ER bed to open up. Let them make their choice... You did the right thing by not taking it to heart. Just smile and show him the AMA form and you'll see him later.

    As for, "she is so young, I bet she's never seen a d*ck in her life," i would have pulled her aside and ripped her about three new *******s, but that's me. That wasn't just abuse you suffered, but discrimination since Th basis for the attack was your age. A witty reply would have sounded something like "I have, just not in this age group. I figured that old penises were more YOUR category."
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    I had one that unfortunately, I blew my top over. Yall don't need to shame me, I got lucky on this one but it is definitely my low point as a nurse. He came in, acting disoriented, stating in triage that he "took too many pills" we rushed him in thinking he was a methadone OD, then he corrected himself, see, throughout the past week he TOOK TOO MANY of his one month prescription, and now he was all out, and needed a refill! On and on and on it went. He was going to kill himself if we didn't give him narcs, but if we would medicate him, then he promised he wouldn't kill himself. We were slammed busy and had some terribly critical stuff going on. He was a longtime addict with no veins.. And he was just miserable, nasty, whiny, abusive... So numerous nurses tried to line and lab him, I go to draw at least labs with a butterfly, of course blew the teensy pinkie knuckle vein which was the ONLY vein I could remotely find. Blew it, pulled out the butterfly and held pressure. He whines "OWW you're hurting me! What IS THAT?"I replied "Its a f*^%#ing cotton ball!"HE ACTUALLY LAUGHED, and said "I like you!"I was just about to quit that job (it was bad) due to my s.o. Transferring out of state, had a much needed 4 month break and returned to ER nursing fresh and pleasant!

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