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"I was raped by an octopus." "I have severe, severe, severe, SEVERE, SEVERE cold sores!" (five severes, I counted. And one cold sore visible.) Discuss.... Read More

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    Quote from Jeweles26

    What in the world was miserable, sarcastic, or bitter about her post?
    She correctly stated that this is a nursing website, which is why there would be 'medical mumble jumble'. It's not like it is unheard of for non-nursing posters to come on here and rant or complain.
    "It's a nursing website folks" didn't come off sarcastic to you? I'm pretty sure these people are well aware of it being a nursing website. This poster has stated some rude things to myself in the past, that's why I'm asking why they're so miserable. There's no reason for it...
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    Quote from Jeweles26
    What in the world was miserable, sarcastic, or bitter about her post?
    She correctly stated that this is a nursing website, which is why there would be 'medical mumble jumble'.
    Thank you, that is the same thing I was thinking. The person who originally posted about the 'hemorrhagic CVA' posted that the misstated and that it was embolic. This is not some high-faluten talk that should make no sense to nurses (even new nurses). If there is something that you don't know--look it up, I do all the time. What would happen if, while they are in with a patient, the doctor says 'we are going to get a non contrast CT of the head to rule out subarachnoid hemorrhage, and if that is shows SAH, we need to start nimodipine to prevent vasospasm." What would happen if the nurse turned around and say "whoa, now, I've only been a nurse for 6 months...lay of the medical mumble jumble." I think you would lose a lot of credibility with the patient and with the doctor. Not to say you cannot clarify with the doctor what he was talking about, but it sounds really poor (and uneducated) to use the term 'medical mumble jumble.'
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    Nope, that didn't come off as sarcastic to me. It came off as correctly stating what this page is. And some people who come on here DO need to be reminded of that fact, as evidenced by the number of them getting outraged that nurses are human and need to vent about ridiculous patient behavior, etc.
    As far as rude things being posted to you in the past, I have nothing to say about that because I've never paid attention. However, with this wonderful thing called the internet, sometimes intent/tone is lost. Not to mention that sometimes, when we are having a bad day we are more likely to misconstrue a comment or statement to be offensive or rude, when it really wasn't meant to be. Plus, some people just have sarcastic personalities.
    People nowadays are too sensitive and quick to take offense IMO...
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    This is getting a little off topic. Where are the funnys?
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    Yeah, let's just stay on topic and not take bites outta each other. k??

    We educate about the common terms along the way as we discuss the topic.

    Carry on and thanks.
  6. by   MyJazzyStarr
    One of my best friends is an ER nurse, and she once told me about an adorable little 82 year old lady who came in complaining of upper back pain, stating "I usually work out my kinks with my hand held vibrator but the darn thing quit on me!"
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    Had a Peter Pan ( jumped and forgot how to fly ) the other night. Asked why he did it......"I wanted to kill ".

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    I got a "Domestic Violence to Posterior Head," which turned out to be bald spot where no head trauma occurred(besides the hair coming out), via EMS. It is rare that fast track and out side was slammed, the Director had just called diversion like 30 seconds after EMS let this girl out. Of course non-emergent patients get placed in waiting area. She wasn't happy one bit about our "outdated patriarchal @$?%ing system(G Rated Version), I came by the @$&%# meat wagon!!"

    Then she all the sudden calmed down and remembered "out-loud" that she had a cousin near the facility that made his own "hootch." (a homemade ETOH beverage)

    She was back right before my shift ended, this time carried by a few inebriated kin, blood dripping from a wide lac to her forehead, unconscious, and before I could dart out of the glass office to the triage area from report, my ER tech said, "Darn! She's looks like she's grasped the Triage system's complexity!" (Just a few stitches and a concussion).

    Then, the brightest of the group, the designated driver, states: "It's a good thing she was drunk and limber, or that fall would have broken bones or even killed her!"

    I would like to think sober she wouldn't have tried to balance across a bridge under construction, but what do I know- I'm just a Nurse
  9. by   amarilla
    CC: hair not growing. Pt said Dr. Oz said this might be sign of cancer. Sigh.

    40 something year old woman with no significant medical history...CC: constipated. Last BM: today. Huh? She stated 'I usually go 6-8 times a day, don't you?'. Meh.

    Pt with obvious arm lac asks to be seen for 'neck swelling' x 3 weeks. No visible swelling, no dental complaints, no trouble breathing. Totally oblivious to lac and states 'oh, we can take care of that anytime.' Hmm.

    Fifty-something female with armful of records. Uh oh. Asks for second opinion on 'what's wrong with her prostate.'

    Group of men *and* dog in tow. Uhh??? CC: scabies and we all need to be seen and treated together since we live together (including dog please.)

    Via EMS: female with a 'minor wound' to torso. Pt upon arrival: 'oh, I set myself on fire, they didn't tell you?'. :P
  10. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    We had an 87 yr old MD who sometimes worked ER. He was very distinguished and had taught Cardiology at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke. It was nothing in the old days for home visits with leather bag in tow to be for an 800lb Jersey Cow who was having Labor Difficulty, or a milk cow who needed Calcium Injections that were Super Dangerously fatal to cattle. So, during my time at that ER it was nothing to see one his peer age group farmers bringing a mule with Colic or a Mama pig that wouldn't lactate in the back of a truck or in a trailer right up to the ER.

    One night we had a fill in for him while he was sick, and sure enough- a trailer with a calf who wouldn't take the bottle came on a pillow of hay still wet from birth. I was really surprised when the young doc(from Massachusetts here to work off loans in Rural Mississippi) went right out to the calf after being told the man was out there(without one complaint or frown), and slid down an improvised feeding tube from a respiratory tubing, took a 60cc syringe and checked placement with his Stethoscope, then put the leather strap around it to secure.

    We were so surprised. This used to be more common place in the South and West for MDs to take care of 2 and 4 legged creatures, even 3 if need be.

    Don't worry, he scrubbed down and changed scrubs, the hospital made out a quick notes for these farmers cheaper than a Vet would cost, and the Physicians were reimbursed well the next day always with some pie or creation from the farm on top of their $40 check from FVR-MS for the Vet(MD) Bill. I never told any of my colleagues about that Travel Nursing, but it sure gave me a sense of place
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  11. by   Pixie.RN
    CC: concern for STD from blister on leg obtained from a rented roller skate. Pt wanted to be tested for "everything!!!"
  12. by   Sassy5d
    What? I came in by squad and you don't have a room for me???
  13. by   ernurse167
    "I think I might have been drugged last night at the bar by a hairdresser because my bangs are shorter than usual and I don't remember getting a haircut."

    At a Level 1 Trauma center at 1AM.