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Time for another vent thread. Today's topic is: "You're here for what? Seriously!?!?!" 32y/o m, hx htn, vs wnl, cc is "chest pain for about 1 second 4 hours ago", no current complaints. ... Read More

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    Quote from CharleeFoxtrot
    flagged down my rig in the bay to take him to the "other hospital that has better turkey sammiches" LOL.
    I think I know this guy...
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    love to ask pt's "what is your emergency today?" during triage just to see their puzzled face when they realize they really don't actually have an emergency
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    Once had a young woman who came to ER with a very swollen and infected foot after stepping on a nail 3 days ago. We gave her IV ABX, tetnus and a Rx for PO ABX & vocodin. After discharged her we got a call from a pharmacy questionsing her Rx. Apperently we were the 4th ER she had hit that day (used a different name at each) with her infected foot. She had recived 4 doses of IV ABX and 4 tetnus immunizations and all just to get a 5-10 pills of vicodin Rx. She ended up back on another hospital with acute renal failure.
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    "Leg pain x2 years, not currently hurting". And it was a night when we were absolutely SLAMMED.
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    "Needs excuse for work" popped up on our tracker board today....true story!!! Lol
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    What brings you in today sir?, "I was feeling unmotivated" I wanted to die with that one. People are truly crazy.
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    8 month old CC: crying
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    Had that the other day^^
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    "We got a call from a patient who was just seen in your ED and claims you did nothing for him...
    HA! We're always doing "nothing" for them and YET they KEEP COMING BACK!!! Blagh.
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    Headache at 4:30 am by ambulance with 1 year old in tow. NOTHING to take at home. Boyfriend meets her in the ED. Demands food (gets none and finally hits up the vending machine). Sleeps while baby becomes an acrobat in the room.

    BTW we're extremely stingy with food for everyone unless they've been there over a few hours. Clinic patients (4 or 5) never get food.
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    I agree when the first complaint is being hungry, that is a bad choice for the ED. Unless you are a diabetic with a borderline glucose, no turkey sandwich for you.
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    And they wonder why health care costs are out of control. I so wish we could stop this abusive use of the ED.
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    I wish more places would do medical screening exams. One place I was at did them, a PA or MD would see the person if the complaint seemed inappropriate use of an ED, if the MSE showed no emergent condition the person was sent to registration for a co-pay prior to treatment or was given at follow up consult with a clinic. It was a good way of deterring improper use.