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Registration Typos

  1. 0 Okay, this is a spin off on the triage complaint thread. You know how sometimes when the registration clerks enter the chief complaint or diagnosis into the EMR, they sometimes goof up? What are some funny ones that come to mind?

    Recently, I saw "tarombocytopenis" instead of thrombocytopenia.
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    Sore trout. :-)
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    Not necessarily a typo, but nuisance: our system had a 'cc list' with just about everything under the sun, but they free text EVERYTHING just so as not to manually select multiple complaints. LaZy!
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    "Dun falled out" is my personal all time favoriteThough I've always thought "CPR" was an awesome complaint for a doe patient. Really? Is the patient complaining about the quality of compressions?
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    Vomitting. See it often. "pain in bot chick" Took us a while to figure it out.
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    ^^omg....just got it!! ;-P
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    "Can't move bowls"
    "Gonged arm" (the patient had very sloppy hand writing and it she wrote 'gouged' it was typed in by a registration clerk whose first language was not English)
    Not sure if this was a typo or how the person actually wrote down their CC before registration entered it: "lump in vain"
    "Siddle stick injury" (should have been needle stick)
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    Injured Soldier.. Instead of shoulder
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    Okay, this is not a complaint but this thread reminded me of it and had to share:

    There was a mother that named her baby, "Dinasty" pronounced like the word, "Dynasty" but the reason she named her kid that was "because we was doin da nasty when we made her" cracks me up every time!!
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    "PEP", so i figured hmmm profylaxis. Turns out it stands for "poepen en pech" which is Dutch for "unfortunate sex", the guy had an STD. Or when the patients talk too much some secretaries summ it up to "sick". Also had "ITP (no clue what this is...)". Or "secretive patient".
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    I'm a victim of the "text generation". Last week at work I saw a chief of "brb vomit" and all I could think of was "be right back vomit"! Which kind of made sense in it's own weird way!
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    Quote from Sassy5d
    Injured Soldier.. Instead of shoulder
    Now I would have read that as a penile issue....

    Personal favorite...Fell down went boom.
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    I made a quick ER trip with an elderly aunt. We checked in and the very very British triage nurse processed my aunt quickly. We were taken to a room and when the doc came in, he was laughing. He showed me a note the triage nurse had made. My aunt's first name was Evelyn, which is a feminine name in the USA but a male one in GB. The note? "While patient seems to be a woman of approximately her stated age, why does s/he have that name?
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