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Reaching under commercial lawn-mower to remove stick. Mower running. Started with 10, ended with 6.... Read More

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    [color=#a9a9a9]this idiot guessed i was 11 and had broken my elbow falling out of a tree when my cousin dared me to climb all the way to the top. i almost made it too. but that wasn't the indignity.

    about three weeks later, my sunday school class was going from our classroom into the sanctuary, and the kid behind me handed me 3
    little tootsie rolls -- unwrapped. our teacher had a firm rule about candy and gum being banned and i stuffed them down inside my cast, intending to retrieve them later. i couldn't reach them. i didn't want to 'fess up and about a week later when i'd forgotten about them, my arm was red, puffy, and a horrible smell came from the cast.

    to the er! they carefully removed the cast. there they were...those stupid tootsie roll pieces which were green and furry.

    i don't think my mom could quite decide whether to hug me or kill me.

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    Quote from emtb2rn
    Reaching under commercial lawn-mower to remove stick. Mower running. Started with 10, ended with 6.

    Good old smoking cigarettes with the home O2 cranked at 6lmp via Nasal Prongs....KABOOM! (((And they didn't learn the first time, because it happened again)))
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    Had a guy sit in the waiting room for an hour before coming back to the room. Only mentioned penile pain "but it wasnt that bad". When we finally saw him, a college ring encompassed his prized possession and we needed the electric ring cutter to remove it (the ring, that is).

    1 kid + butane torch + gasoline tank = 1 bad trip to a childrens hospital burn unit

    Had another older gentleman who walked into triage with hand pain. Would not divulge when or how the pain began. Upon assesssment he unwraps his hand from a towel and is missing 4 fingertips from a table saw accident.

    Always fun times in the ER
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    We had burglars trying to get in the hospital a few weeks back. They were spotted on camera by the maintenance guy as they were trying to break into one of the locked buildings.

    The ED decided to race with their ambulances (3 in total) to that building and started lights and sirens to scare them off. Police was informed and it turned out they were doing a night time drill a few minutes away from the hospital with two helicopters in the air and half the police force of the city. So they decided to bring the helicopters and police cars to chase the burglars. These burglars ran into a field and thought they were safe. Then one of the burglars checks his cell phone and the lit screen was a beacon to the two helicopters and they were arrested. Karma is a b**ch.
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    I knew being a redneck would come in handy one day! !!!
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    Me - seasoned, 20+ years in ED and etc. Nights. Being a do-gooder and traveling with a monitored patient fm ED to ICU to help out a busier colleague. Granddaughter had been at bedside lotioning Gramma up. I notice some white cream not rubbed all the way in - and continue my do gooder gig. It was kind of oily feeling...and then I realized it was Nitropaste and the paper had fallen off. Luckily the tech with me had a brain. I was pretty woozified by my nitro dose. HIGHlarious. The ED crew LOVED seeing me be so stupid.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN

    Another young couple discover that when a peeled banna in placed into a womans body cavity it just sort of disinigrates. After a few days the parts still in that nice warm, moist enviroment begin to rot and smell REALLY bad. No harm done, just vaginal irrigation, also I can no longer stand the smell of banna bread baking.................

    Omg!!! Hilarious! I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying!
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    Many years ago, my little brother is in our front yard wrestling with the neighbor kid. I'm in the kitchen getting a snack, my mom is doing dishes and watching them through the window above the sink. I hear her say "those boys are going to break their necks". I look over at her in time to see her start knocking on the window rather hard, and then like magic her hand goes Through the window!! Blood everywhere, mom screaming for me to run and get our neighbor (a nurse whom we likely owed our lives to many times over).

    She had deep lacerations from pinky to wrist and a huge chunk of skin missing from one knuckle. Mom and nurse head to ER while I call Dad to say we are home alone. Dad comes home and just shakes his head when I tell him what happened. Mom still knocks on windows to this day when grandkids are outside playing and she wants them to stop doing something... She'll never learn!
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    Roofer number 1 shoots nail via nail gun into this hand.
    Upon screaming and cussing.

    Roofer number 2 looks up to see what happened and shoots nail into his own hand.
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    Drunk woman screaming, "I need to get out of here because they won't ever give me custody of my kid back if I am in here" (In 4 point restraints.)

    5 mins later, same drunk woman screaming, "I have to get my money out of my va jay jay, I had to hide it from my BF who was trying to steal it" Woman wiggles aorund and I except to see her pull out a big roll of c notes or something..

    Comes out with an unprotected 10.00 bill.

    Kind of sad, but it def gave me an interesting night.

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