First Job - Not A Great Facility, Take It Or No?

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    Hello - well I passed nursing school and I'm almost done with a 9 week graduate nurse externship I've been doing in the Emergency Department of a hospital here in New York and I love it! I'm also studying for the NCLEX-RN which I have scheduled for 9/4. The hospital I'm externing at is actually looking for 4 new ED nurses so I think I have a chance contingent upon me getting my license in September. So what's my problem?

    Thing is, this hospital is in a really rough neighborhood - very much inner city public city funded type of place. A lot of what we see is drug overdoses, alcohol withdrawals, domestic violence, babies having babies, gunshot wounds, stabbings, prisoners, homeless people, well you get the idea. Now it doesn't bother me at all working there personally since I believe these "forgotten" areas are the most in need of quality nursing care (okay, that's the new nurse talking), but I guess my hesitancy is that it's got a reputation for not being a very good hospital. Would a future employer NOT hire me after seeing I worked there?

    In other words, do I just take the first job for a year or so and hope to move on to greener pastures? Or do I hold out for a job at a facility where I'm not ashamed to say I work? (that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea).

    Many thanks!!

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    The way I look at it... Experience is experience. You need to have experience somewhere to get a job in the future. If it comes down to it in an interview just explain that it was a great experience. You got to work in an area and help the under-served. I am a new grad too and I am in the same boat. Do I take the job or pass in hopes that something better comes along. As a new grad your choices are limited without experience, so it's best to get the experience while its in front of you.
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    I would say absolutely take the job. You will see a ton and learn a lot. Why pass and risk being unemployed? And never be embarrassed to work there! You are helping people and doing good work. Take pride in it and your attitude will spread to those around you.
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    I would take it. Most public hospitals have that reputation of "not being a great hospital" as in the paying customers wouldn't CHOOSE to get their care there but I don't think that necessarily says anything about the quality of the nurses.
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    Take. The. Job.

    As hortona1 says, experience is experience. Would you rather be making some money and gaining experience (both will help you get your dream job), or would you rather risk it and potentially be high and dry?
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    Take the job - I have my RN as of late June and have been applying to New Grad and regular RN jobs alike since April with literally no bites until today (I have applied to close to 100 jobs at this point, not kidding). The worse the neighborhood, the more complex situations you are likely to see. Eventually, you will probably roll your eyes at every "complex" thing that occurs as you will have seen it all before, but for now it is ALL worthwhile learning. Good luck!
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    Sounds like good experience.
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    YES! You will learn at ton and, who knows - maybe you'll be the one who starts the improvements! And also, you may find out that the hospital is better than you think!
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    Take the job. Future employers will probably be imptessed that you worked there.
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    In this climate, you're lucky to have a job offer! Plus it sounds like great experience! I'd say take it.

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