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Chest pain protocol

  1. 0 I am wondering how your Ed treats chest pain. We get EKG in 15 mins, start IV give IV nitroglycerin, Zofran,Ativan, Dilaudid.5, Asa, and Plavix and chest X-ray and cardiac panel. What are your guys orders like
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    Almost the same, except we use morphine instead of dilaudid, start with sublingual nitro before IV, and add oxygen to the list.
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    What do you guys do about drug seekers in your ER? I noticed most of your posts involve giving most pts dilaudid. My drug seekers would love to know where you work ha
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    We do EKG within 10, heploc, O2, ENCASA (Someplaces I have worked go for chewable ASA), SL nitro x3. Full cardiac profile w troponin, full coag profile. CXR. If unrelieved EKG and start IV nitro with MD approval. Further Rx pending immediate MD eval.
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    Some of our docs like SL NTG, other paste. We only go to IV NTG if trops +, STEMI, etc.

    As for EKG time, our goal is 5 minutes or less. This becomes less obtainable if we are really busy, but generally we are able to meet this goal.

    Almost always morphine and not dilaudid for CP.
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    Drug seeker get toradol but I work in a trauma center and we have press ganey on our ::: so most docs give narcs and feed their habit
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    EKG in ten minutes, line, labs, oxygen, CXR, ASA. No other drugs without a physician's order.
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    EKG in 10 minutes. Saline lock, cardiac labs, including a trop I and trop T, ASA 324 mg chewables, SL nitro, O2 if sats below 92%, repeat EKG in 30 minutes, port CXR. We have standing orders for IV morphine, beta blocker and Plavix, but I usually check with the doc before giving any of those meds.
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    Door to EKG time under 10 mins.

    MONA (morphine, 02, nitro, ASA)

    Portable CXR, cbc, chem, trop, coags

    Treatment is different and much more aggressive if EKG is positive for MI. Coags, type & screen, heparin initiation, cath lab activation
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    Pretty much the same as 1fastRN, although we don't activate the cath lab, we activate the whirly bird, TNKase or equiv, nitro/heparin drips, and 3 lg bore IVs, hopefully before the flight crew is ready to take them.
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    OP, I'm assuming you don't give all of those meds to every patient who presents with chest pain ...
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    Quote from Racer15
    EKG in ten minutes, line, labs, oxygen, CXR, ASA. No other drugs without a physician's order.
    We're the same. Most of our docs seem to prefer nitro over morphine as first line in reducing chest pain.
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    EKG, line and labs, cardiac monitor, oxygen, aspirin, nitro SL, morphine, CXR.