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"Foreign objects in body cavities"

  1. 1 This is how they present in triage. You note that they appear anxious, possibly in a bit of pain, sometimes they are very matter of fact. We've all seen em. Retained foreign object in various body cavities. Kids with beans up their noses, beads in their ear canal, men with various household products in their rectum, women with various toys gone horribly bad.

    With the adults you try really hard to look concerned and serious. This is a delicate subject and boy do they watch your face for even the slightest hint of a laugh. Now I'm not talking about assaults, that can be awful. I'm talking of grown adults that really should know better. A spray can just does not belong up ones bum.

    How do you handle this? How do you write the complaint on the chart? Do you send the object to pathology as you would any other material? What do you put in the discharge instructions?
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    We had a boy that put a birthday candle in his penis to see how far he could pee it out. The birthday boy spent the day in the OR :hatparty:
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    [QUOTE=pghfoxfan]We had a boy that put a birthday candle in his penis... [QUOTE]

    Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I had one fine gentleman who presented to the ER with C/o "Sex toy in rectum" Sure enough xray revealed a large dildo, 12 inches which had been inserted into his rectum and then had migrated north. He was unable to retrieve it. So he hopped into the car with his girlfriend and came in to the ER.

    He was a nice fellow, we tried real hard to not embaress him. On retrieving the object he decided he did not want to be admitted for observation. (could have problems with tears, infection, etc) He signed out AMA. He did take the antibiotic shot and tetnus. Didnt take his dildo with him.
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    I worked in a path lab for 10 years and cannot tell you how many objects we received over the years!!! I was 18 when i started working there and was totally appalled, talk about an eye opening experience for a teenager! "He put that... where?" Lol, after awhile everything gets routine, doesn't it? My boss always said that stuff was sent to us simply for documentation and disposal. Seems like you could document that stuff in another way and save the pt the pathology bill, though.
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    I used to work psych as an attendant. One particular incident involved a man who had placed toothbrush, small pencil erasers, paper clips and safety pins in his anus...wound up as an admission due several tears and one of the safety pins had opened. Coupled with the paper clips, the poor man was in some bad shape by the time he admited what he had done and we were able to take him to the hospital.
    Another time, different pt, put an ink cartridge from a ballpoint pen in his penis.

    Psych was never dull, and I know the ER staff had to let out a groan any time we called with a transfer. Bless the ER staff!
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    My aunt has told me a lot of stories.

    The one that comes to mind is a man who came to the hospital with a cuumber in his rectum and his partner who was a woman had a beer bottle in her vagina. Please tell me how? How do you keep your cool, from laughing or asking how in the H@@@ or why ?
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    Discharge Instrucions: Refrain From Placing Cucumbers And Beerbottles In Any Oriface Above Waist
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    Had a guy present c/o cp X 3 days. Come to find out, he had "gotten high" and placed a child's sippy cup in his butt. It wasn't the hard plastic ones, but more like the ones you can get at the carnival? Like the plastic limes at the grocery store? Only this one was a pumpkin. He had to go to the OR and when the surgeon (very shy and quiet) closed he had one of those plastic halloween pumpkins waiting in dictation for him.
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    We had a guy come in with a vibrator of some kind up his rectum, beyond the, uh, point of manual retrieval. When we called the GI doctor, he asked,"So does he want me to take it out or change the batteries?"
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    Oh where to begin...patient c/o FB in rectum. A large dildo that was beyond reach and was still 'whirling' away. Went to OR for removal of said dildo. In PACU pt awakens and asks for the dildo to be returned.:imbar

    Pt #2 c/o FB in rectum. Found... raw hotdog. Pt states in a matter-of-fact way 'I slipped in the tub and landed on it'

    pt #3 c/o (what else) FB in rectum. (please use your imagination as you see this one 'walking' into your ER)
    pt has a LAMP in rectum-yes the bulb was attached! Stated "I fell backward and landed on it" Was taken to Or for removal. Should have plugged it in and got the scope done at the same time
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    1-13 inch dildo in guys rectum, pt did not survive
    2-13 inch x-mas candle inserted, perfed bowel and rested just under the liver, barely survived after bout with sepsis.
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    20 year old male patient presented to our ER some years ago with a long-handled screwdriver in his rectum which had perf'ed the lower bowel. At first he said his girlfriend did it. Then he said HER girlfriend did it. Finally he admitted doing it himself, by which time nobody really cared HOW the damned thing got in there, just how to get it out before the pt. bled to death. Makes you wonder just what people are thinking when they do this sort of thing, doesn't it? What goes through their minds? "Hey, I'm bored......think I'll try sticking a screwdriver in an orifice that's meant as an EXIT, not an entry, and we'll see what happens"?