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  1. pghfoxfan

    Highmark to invest $475 million in West Penn deal

    This is good news. I used to work at West Penn, it was a very nice hospital to work at. A Magnet Hospital with dedicated nurses.
  2. pghfoxfan

    Should CVVHD be 1:1

    I always thought that CVVHD and patients on left heart assist should be one to one. I agree that not all patients on CVVHD are unstable, but DANG, the whole procedure itself takes so much time, especially when you have to increase and decrease fluids constantly to balance I&Os. Personally, I think that a unit that runs well as a team (including the charge nurse) can make any assignment doable.
  3. pghfoxfan

    Four 10's or Five 8's? Which would you do?

    4 10s for me.
  4. pghfoxfan

    Tired of nurses threatening to quit!!!

    I say let her quit. I would tell her that the department doesn't need negative people who bring the department down. I would rather work harder without her than miserable with her.
  5. pghfoxfan

    UPMC vs West Penn?? New Grad needs HELP

    I'd say go to West Penn.West Penn Allegheny Health System cares more about the patient. UPMC is all about making money and screwing West Penn Allegheny. They closed one of their hospitals, taking away health care from a large community and are building another 1 mile away from a West Penn Allegheny hospital. That community did not need a second hospital. They are like cancer invading Pittsburgh.
  6. pghfoxfan

    Becoming a CEN as a new grad?

    If it helps you get a job, go for it. I think that if you can study and pass the test, the experience will bring you the greatest rewards.
  7. pghfoxfan

    Cruise Nurse Great job

    I too am interested in the pros and cons of cruise ship nursing as well as the estimated pay. I heard that on average, one person dies on each cruise. Anyone else hear this? I would think that a cruise ship is pretty well equipped for almost any emergency. I am sure their are a ton of AEDs around and I am guessing they have a pretty nice sick bay area. I am guessing probably at least one critical care bed. Do they have the ability of doing minor surgery? I'm sure they have equipment to stabilize a patient till they reach the next port . Heck, they might even have a heliport.
  8. pghfoxfan

    Annual Arrhythmia competency testing

    If your job requires you to know EKGs then yes. If it is a monitored unit for example. But if it is a Med Surg.Ortho etc floor, I think that not doing something everyday makes it harder to remember.
  9. pghfoxfan

    Assigning staff vs.floats in ICU

    I do not give "Float" nurses a difficult patient when possible. IMO, it is not in the patients best interest. For the most part, they are less comfortable with the routines, doctors, and location of supplies, meds etc. It's called common courtesy.
  10. pghfoxfan

    Q re: v tach for long duration

    Not all VT is life threatening. A patient can perfuse with certains types of VT such as RVOT, especially when it is a slower rate.
  11. pghfoxfan

    takotsubo syndrome "broken heart"

    Broken Heart Syndrome is real. As said above, it can be diagnosed with a negative Cath and an echo. I believe the heart has a specific shape of an hour glass. Their EF is low, but in most cases, that is reversible. Unfortunately, their are some doctors that rush into treatments such as an ICD/Bi V ICD instead of waiting for time and medications to help. There has probably been just as many cases of takotsubo syndrome, but we just called it "broken hearted".
  12. pghfoxfan

    magnet hospitals

    I have been to a Magnet Conference. I LOVED IT! Everyone involved had positive attitudes. (I have been a nurse almost 28 years, and negative attitudes are a huge downer.) It was so refreshing! I have worked at a Magnet Hospital and loved working there. I was actively involved on both nursing and hospital committees. I know that my opinions were appreciated. I was respected by administration and Doctors and CoWorkers. Our outcomes were the best in all of our non Magnet sister hospitals...by FAR! I believe in the Magnet ideals.
  13. pghfoxfan

    Pediatric floor at age 19?

    I worked in Peds back in the day and we used to have "young adults". Personally, if I were even in my young 20s I would have rather been placed on a floor with younger patients than geriatric patients. In our Peds unit, the teen or young adult usually had a room to their own. This was nice for family to spend more time. I cant ever remember putting a teen with a child.
  14. pghfoxfan

    Nurses vs. Xray Techs

    Not that money is the only thing but, you can make XRay tech, go on to be a interventional tech like in a Cath Lab.
  15. pghfoxfan

    I have Shingles

    Shingles are contagious. http://www.revolutionhealth.com/conditions/skin/shingles/expert-insight?s_kwcid=shingles%20contagious|2471782194&gclid=COCOkObbhp8CFY915QodwUp7lA
  16. Perhaps I shouldn't have assumed that the 2 people in question had anything to do with the demise of this woman. What I do know is that their actions didn't help matters. Maybe keeping an airway open and doing CPR wouldn't have helped save her life but maybe it would have, at the very least, saved the life of her unborn baby until the C section was performed.