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I work as a Pediatric nurse in Indiana and I've been looking into some BSN-DNP programs that specialize in peds. I know most programs require campus visits, but the least amount of visits would be best considering my hubby and I... Read More

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    Gonzaga offers several online nursing programs. I have not completely one myself but have heard wonderful things about the DNP program from my coworker. More info:

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    Have you looked into Rush U.? They have Peds with acute or primary care for the BSN-DNP program. This program bypasses the MSN totally and can be done 2 2/3 years FT or about 4 years PT. Which admission dates are you looking into? Rush U's has passed so you might consider them for Fall 2015 if possible, as their application to file for Fall 2014 was March 3rd. Peds primary, however, has a Spring entry for Jan 2015 and the application deadline is Aug. 4th. Good luck with your search.
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