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While I personally do not like the flu shot either.... I have been required to get a Hep B vaccine, MMR all current, etc etc .... so not sure how this is so different?... Read More

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    Quote from BrandybunsRN
    While I personally do not like the flu shot either.... I have been required to get a Hep B vaccine, MMR all current, etc etc .... so not sure how this is so different?

    From the article:
    There seems to be a persistent myth that you can get flu from a flu vaccine among nurses," he said. "They subject themselves to more influenza by not being immunized, and they certainly do not participate in putting patient safety first.
    Personally I don't usually get the flu shot because I question its value for young, healthy people. Most years I don't take it, but one year I did and became ill within a couple of weeks. While I know I didn't get sick from the vaccine, what good did it do? I've never had the flu and were I to ever get sick, I have no problem staying home and not exposing others. I have a real problem with this guy claiming that nurses do not put patient safety first.

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    Plus exposing myself to all the preservatives in the flu shot year after year isn't great. . . Most contain mercury, which is not something I am thrilled about putting in my body.
    Instead parroting hearsay about preservative, adjuvants, etc. in influenza vaccines, I urge everyone to educate themselves to make informed decisions. Here are links to the package inserts for all of the approved vaccines for the 2012-2013 season.

    Package Insert - AFLURIA (PDF - 230KB)
    Package Insert - Agriflu (PDF - 117KB)
    Package Insert - FluLaval (PDF - 149KB)
    Package Insert - Fluvirin (PDF - 235KB)

    Package Insert - FluMist (PDF - 536KB)
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    I'm not getting the religious exemption argument, maybe someone can enlighten me.
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    Some of the hospital systems where I live already mandate the flu vaccine and I fear more hospitals will follow suit! Feel like we are in a police state where we have lost the rights over our own bodies. I do not want to be vaccinated have seen too many GB victims of flu vaccine in the past and wonder if some of the autoimmune diseases like MS aren't the result of vaccination! I don't push the patients to take the vaccine either, I feel they should have to sign a consent detailing the serious negative complications that could arise from the vaccine. I do not want to be the one to give them a vaccine that could seriously harm them because big pharma wants to make money off the vaccine culture! They have no liability for adverse effects, ie they don't even stand behind their product! If you are injured you have to file a case with the US govt!
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    we have seen and treated ALOT of patients with the flu who DID receive the vaccination this year. Isn't that ironic???
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    As to the religious exemption

    I think they declined to get the vaccine and when pushed, claimed "Religious exemption" but probably had nothing in their personal/school vaccine records/medical history that supported that. (previous refusal of other vaccines/declared as a Jehovah's Witness etc) The hospital saw it as an out of getting the vaccine vs a true religous conviction stated against it.

    I see it all the time in school nursing, parents who don't want their kids vaccinated for whatever reason. They cannot claim medical exemption as there are no underlying allergies/immune system issues so then they try philosophical (not recognized in my state) and then they will try and get a religious expemption. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

    I then am responsible for excluding them in the event of an outbreak (pertussis comes to mind)

    I am responsible to all the children, those whose parent do not want an exemption and those who are at risk due to them being on chemo or having a congenital immune system defect.

    I personally get the vaccine every year and am rarely ill.
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    I don't think people should be forced to take it, but bottom line is that I would never take a stand that would threaten my family's financial security over a flu shot.

    Now, if it was some highly toxic deadly chemical that would be one thing, but over a flu vaccine? No way.
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    Like laidbacl al has posted we all need to educate ourselves and not just take what certain publications publish as the facts. The CDC is biased toward influenza vaccinations for example. If you do not believe that ..i urge you to research. Now the CDC is not participating in any conspiratorial theory's lol I dont mean that, but they do have a tendency to present statistics greatly in favor of influenza vaccination efficiency. Look into that.

    The influenza vaccination effectiveness depends basically on 2 factors: These being:
    1-if it is a good match with the virus's that are causing influenza infections this year
    2-how well the persons immunity system reacts with the vaccine ( more than a small percentage of people do not react favorably with it).
    Now if your immune system did not react to the vaccine in the way it is "suppose" too then you will not be protected. You have no way of knowing if the vaccination "took" or not. This means that yes you still can get influenza even though you received the flu shot.
    I know as nurses we personalty know people that this has happened too.

    Does this make the flu shot bad? No! It just means that we need to be aware of the limitations of influenza vaccinations and act appropriately.

    As far as hospitals making the flu shot mandatory--why do you think this is all of a sudden mandatory? The flu shot has been available for a more than a decade. What changed? Why, all of a sudden hospitals decided to do this? If you think it is for patient protection--does that mean that during all those previous years the hospitals were not interested in patient protection?
    Really think about this Nurses--dont just react to it.
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    100% agree with admin vaccines - yes bla bla bla i hv read the pros and cons.
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    I used to work in a nursing home. I was never worried about getting the flu myself, I was worried about transmitting it to my residents.

    How would you feel if you gave the flu to someone's grandma and she died? Or 20 grandmas (since flu spreads so easily)? I couldn't handle that thought, so I always got my vaccines and smiled.

    It makes me angry when I hear the uneducated posture about how their body is a temple, yadda yadda yadda. If you have a documented allergy, then don't take it. Otherwise, stop being so selfish and protect your patients from yourself. If you absolutely can't bring yourself to take it, wear a mask and gloves around all of your patients during the flu season.

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