8 fired (3 Nurses) for refusing flu shot. 8 fired (3 Nurses) for refusing flu shot. | allnurses

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8 fired (3 Nurses) for refusing flu shot.

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    Eight hospital employees oppose mandatory flu shots, get fire
    Elkhart, IN

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    It just angers me that Corporations and other employers now have about equal impact on our personal life as our US Government. That WAS a personal choice, and if we ignore her RIGHT to refuse, aren't we missing the mark? I see they had a program for exemption- that does raise a question, but if she was denied exemption, I think they abused their power for refusing a nurse that they could have forced to wear a mask as other Direct Patient Care Management have implemented. Forcing anything in total is a bad idea, and a slippery slope, especially when your job is at stake as a noncompliant consequence. Truly disturbing.
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    I'm unclear as to how getting a flu shot is a religious issue...
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    They made their choices ...
    I respect their right to choose. But I wouldn't want them providing care to me or anyone else I cared about.
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    I'm also really confused as to why this is a religious issue.
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    I agree about the minor issues, but for me when you have ANY issue that is added new: that to fail to be compliant will end your position, I think is an abuse of power. I don't even think her "reason" was any of their business. Even scientific reasons have often been proved wrong later. The influenza shot is also a best guess at probable strains. I still feel we should have the same right to refuse we give our patients. Their not required to state a refusal reason. They face no man made discipline even though they too increase the flu risk(what's next: proof of Flu shot to visit family members?) Slippery slope.
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    Quote from adnrnstudent
    (Wasn't sure best section to put this in. Hope it's okay here.)

    Eight hospital employees oppose mandatory flu shots, get fired
    Good riddance. My floor is silly with influenza patients on precautions.
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    I wonder if they put up as much of a fight with their hepatitis vaccinations? No? Then let them twist in the wind. It's a condition of their employment and if their faith dictates that "thou shalt not be vaccinated" that's fine, but be prepared to live with the consequences.
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    What about staff with allergies to flu vaccine ingredients? Do they get fired, too? I think if they fire nurses for this, they should also demand to see proof that anyone who comes in contact with a patient has had the flu shot. Do they also make all patients who enter the building have proof of the flu shot first? If a patient is there with the flu, then that patient is also spreading the flu, right? The nurse in this scenario is probably the one most likely to be washing their hands and wearing masks as appropriate, but visitors and patients, no.
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    What if my 'faith walk' prohibits me from being injected with certain nonhuman substances? Can I refuse my mantoux test?
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    What is my "faith walk" prohibits me from killing any of God's creatures -- and that includes bugs, viruses, bacteria, etc.? That means I would refuse to use antisceptics, antibiotics, etc. Would the hospital have to to accommodate THAT religious belief?
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    Quote from CarryThatWeight
    I'm unclear as to how getting a flu shot is a religious issue...
    Thusfar, the nurses have not given valid "religious" reasons for declining to get the flu vaccines. They's rather run the risk of infecting their patients.