Visitors that are drinking in patient rooms......What do I do?

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    Recently we had a patient who was not expected to live more than a few days, and she was actually dying from cirrhosis of the liver, brought on from years of alcohol abuse. Her visitors actually brought alcohol to the room and were drinking, acting out loudly and causing a huge commotion during visiting hours while other families were also having visitors. So, what would you do?

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    Would have had them escorted out by security. Sad that this would have to happen to the visitors of a dying patient but this behaviour would not be tolerated.
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    Same, security would have been called.
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    Umm, kick their butts out?
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    Ummm kick them out? I can't believe this was even posted. Lol this is common sense.
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    It's really not that simple. Every one deals with end of life issues differently. Some family members gather quietly around the bed in a darkened room and speak in whispers,others throw open the curtains, blaze all the lights and sit and tell funny stories about the soon to be departed. In this case ETOH obviously is a major factor in the family's daily life. Why not have a drink to Aunt Sally? You have to draw the line when it encroaches on the comfort of others and honor the needs of the family and patient. Why wasn't she sent home with hospice of transferred out to the floor where she could have a private or semi private room? I would have advocated for that.
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    Call security and let them deal with it, let your NM know as well...
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    I had this situation once. It was a mom dying from ETOH abuse and her kids who were in their 20s were drinking beer in her room. They weren't being disruptive so we left them alone.They didn't see the irony of having a few while she lay dying of alcoholism.
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    Simple answer... ask them to refrain from drinking alcohol while in the hospital and remind them if they can't do that they will be asked to leave. If they're being loud and disruptive have security escort them out.
    While everyone deals with the illness or dying of a family member differently it is not appropriate. It isn't respectful of their family member other patients or the staff. I would imagine it could also be a liability for the hospital. What if one of them fell and hurt themselves?
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    They cannot proceed to get drunk on hospital grounds and not everyone gets to go home on hospice.

    I would go up the chain of your supervisor and let her know of the disruptive behavior. If someone is going to take a hit for the behavior let it be them...that is their job. If they are so disruptive and won't quiet down they can be requested to leave. It might be Saturday night and yes they can grieve their way but it is NOT a barroom and they cannot disturb an entire floor.

    They can be arrested for public intox which would be the supervisors call.

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