Sick of being a nurse in the Prison

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    I've been working in the Federal prison for 4 months now. I had OK days. But most days I feel that I'm not appreciated. Inmates think they are in hotel instead of prison. They demand too much! they want this, want that (right now!!) sometimes i just want to quit my job. some of them are really not respectful at all. i don't know why i entered this field. If I work in a hospital, at least patients will thank me for what i do...

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    I work for Wi Dept Corr. for quite a while. Also have hospital and longterm care exp. I really see any difference in inmate attitudes as I did in general public. Matter of fact I think I could toss a coin on many days as to who I would trust more, the inmates or management. The biggest problem is Madison dictating policy on something they don't have a clue about and it costs taxpayers SO MUCH MONEY plus makes our jobs much harder. But if they leave me alone it beats any of the other positions I've had.
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    I am also a nurse in the federal system and you are SOOOOOOOOOO wrong if you are under the mis-perception that the patient in the hospital environment will "Appreciate" what you do for them. That is not gonna happen. They are more demanding and unappreciative than the inmate population I have been in contact with. This is one of the main reasons that I have left hospital nursing and will NEVER go back. You do not have to take grief from the inmate population and if you do it is because you choose to. I got sick and tired of being told in the hospital "The patient is always right". Well I know that the patient IS NOT always right. I now don't have to hear the family member in the corner telling me how to do my job. I give the inmate what he has coming and by and large they are happy and grateful for that. Sorry...I don't like hospital nursing and in the system I know who the bad guys are.
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    Quote from goldensfo
    If I work in a hospital, at least patients will thank me for what i do...
    What? Have you ever worked in a hospital?
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    I have worked with prisoners in the hospital and while some are disrespectful they are not anything like regular patients these days. Pts and their families are so difficult these days I want to leave the hospital after 14 yrs.
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    Quote from winurse54984
    Matter of fact I think I could toss a coin on many days as to who I would trust more, the inmates or management.
    Yep. I'm with ya on this one....
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    If you like family members to tell you what you are doing wrong all the time, complain that mom isn't getting treated well (even though staffing by acuity is NEVER done), deal with dysfunctional people because let me tell you there is nothing like death to bring out the worst in people then thats the job for you. Not to speak of all the people who finger paint, spit on you, cough in your face, hit you, try to strangle you with your stethascope, etc, etc. Corrections any day.
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    I have not worked with inmates before, but I have absolutely worked with hospital patients and their families. My take is, people are exaggerated versions of whatever their personality is, whether it is the patient or family, when under stress. The more perceived stress, the more obnoxious or rude an already slightly rude, obnoxious type becomes. Then, there are those who are easy going and they really do not change much. These are the patients that help to make the work worthwhile! Don't know about a federal prison, I imagine they are already on edge most of the time to begin with. I guess it is subjective which is a better atmosphere for you.
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    Great replies here.
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    I am not saying that working with offenders is a piece of cake but I think it beats the heck out of working in a hospital. I just recently changed from working in a juvenile facility to working in an adult facility and feel a little stressed at times learning all of the new stuff. But still my most stressful day is much easier than an average day at the last hospital where I worked. And, to top it all off, no demanding family members to deal with. As a matter of fact, I am not allowed to talk to the family. Any medical info given to the family comes from the administrator.

    Unlike a hospital, the patient isn't always right. As a matter of fact, they can actually get into trouble for being wrong. No Press-Ganey either.

    I don't let the ungrateful attitudes get to me. I know that I have a lot of things that they covet...freedom being at the top of that list for most of them. And the ones who want everything now, they can wait. By being in prison they give up the luxury of being able to set their own schedule. I do not ever intentionally make an offender wait longer as some sort of punishment, I just typically take them on a first come first served basis unless something urgent comes up.

    Whether the offenders appreciate it or not, I know I am helping them and I know I am doing the right thing.
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