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    Just curious......
    I work a baylor shift thur through sat. in the OR. It is "crany season from spring until the end of summer. I am at work, no cases currently going. The emergency crany cart is in the core waiting for the next arrival.
    My question is.......are there other healthcare providers out there in the state of Colorado that are bewildered by the fact that our helmet law is as it is? No helmet are required for any type of bike, motor cycle, skate boards ect. The law used to state helmets were required, for a short time. It was changed back. I know people should be able to make appropriate decisions for themselves, but boy, I see soooooooo many people without helmets. Could someone enlighten me as to why.?????

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    My ex-husband didn't like the weight of it on his head. He also said it muffled sounds. He said his head sweat while it was on. He really didn't like people telling him what to do!
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    Because they are idiots and really want to donate organs early in life when they will do the most good to the recipient.

    I would love for people that insist on no helmets to have to spend a month taking care of the head injured. Driving/riding should be considered a privilege and not a right.
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    Colorado is one of the FEW states that has no helmet law.
    It's sweet for us bikers but I'm afraid the California influence may soon change that.
    I don't like to wear mine either but they are handy if it's raining.
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    I'd enjoy riding without mine too, but the thought of my head hitting the pavement is enough to make me wear it religiously. A buddy of mine, however, never wears one. According to his thinking, "[t]he only difference a helmet makes is whether the funeral will be open casket or closed casket."
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    Wow, I've been told most people wear helmets to down-hill ski now, I thought the bike helmet was a no brainer...or so to speak. I need to protect my yolk, wearing the egg shell even if it does look dumb.
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    I always ALWAYs wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle but I like that there is no law. I am a Libertarian at heart.
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    It is something to get used to. I moved to CO from WA where there are strict helmet laws for motorcycles, bikes and so on. Parents can get tickets if their kids don't wear them. I move to CO and motorcycles pass me without helmets and I was shocked. I am sure it has to do with the whole "my life I can do as I please" argument. But it seems that helmets should be required.

    I was in the ED one time and a trauma came in, was someone that wrecked their bike. I saw the condition of the helmet. They are very lucky they chose to wear a helmet even though it wasn't required. Didn't stop them from breaking numerous other traffic laws. But they are still alive and intact.
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    Bikers claim that helmets reduce their peripheral vision, so they are safer without them. And I've heard from neurologists that helmets just make it easier to clean up the road - the brain damage is just as bad with them as without them.
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    Quote from Izzy11
    I've heard from neurologists that helmets just make it easier to clean up the road - the brain damage is just as bad with them as without them.
    In worst case scenario accidents I'm sure this is true. But no, it's not true across the board. If it were true, and if helmets really didn't save lives, then people wouldn't wear them. Helmets do save lives, and protective gear saves lives (and skin) too.

    I really hate when people say that helmets don't make a difference. It just makes more people rationalize not wearing them.

    At the very least, imagine getting hit with a stone in the face. Without a helmet, one could easily put out an eye and/or lose control of their bike.

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