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As most of you all know, Colorado just approved recreational marijuana use. Does this mean that someone could test positive for THC and not face any repercussions?? I know you could not be... Read More

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    I am wondering how many people who are looking for jobs, voted for this, will find out that employers still want you to be drug-free and thus won't hire you or keep you if you test positive?
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    Quote from francoml
    Could there be any consequences of just calling the state board of nursing and asking, "Hey can I smoke pot or not" lol obviously not in those words but they could not hold it against me for asking right?
    I am not so sure I'd be the first one to blaze the trail of legalized marijuana by calling and confronting the board. Nurses lose their licenses over "legal" addictions ALL the time! This legislation is VERY new and the honest answer is WE have NO idea!

    Ask a lawyer...I suppose. I am a huge proponent of legalized marijuana....put the drug lords out of business. Control it, tax it and at least help decrease the deficit. Technically...if it is legal you for casual use you can use it just like alcohol and tobacco. But i urge you to proceed with caution. These are untested waters. This law can be repealed at any time if it "doesn't work out".

    The law has not been tested. Hospitals have not set their policies. No one KNOWS where they will stand on this. These are uncharted waters

    Hospitals are already not hiring people for legal substances. Many make it very clear if you smoke tobacco and test positive they will not hire you. You are takikng a chance. If you need your job and don't have large savings to assist in your legal fees.....I would exercise caution....if not....blaze forward, or light up as the case may be.

    .Just remember these are VERY uncharted waters. You are a pioneer
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    Quote from francoml
    As most of you all know, Colorado just approved recreational marijuana use. Does this mean that someone could test positive for THC and not face any repercussions?? I know you could not be intoxicated at work but if it is legal then how could it be held against you???
    Far as the federal government is concerned marijuana is *still* an illegal drug and IMHO that is what should cause you worry.

    Personally IMHO anyone with any sort of professional license should stay on the straight and narrow until there is some firm change in federal laws. That can come from either the courts or action by Washington.

    You should also consider what would happen if while on duty there is an adverse incident to a patient in your care, and a subsequent drug test turns up recent marijuana use. Even if you escape criminal charges and or keep your job the patient and or family may bring civil action against you.
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    I really am not afraid of taking on the "establishment" ....This is going to sound conceded but I can afford to fight the good fight. I truly believe that patient care is paramount but that being said, I want to show people that alcohol and tobacco are way more harmful the marijuana. I think hospitals should be allowed to test for marijuana on the job, but not in a urine test. They can just as easily use a mouth swab or even a blood test to detect RECENT use.

    I know legislations will take a few months at the least to kick in so I will see what the future brings.
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    As per the terms of service we cannot offer legal advice. As you are just going to graduate in May........I wish you the best on your personal and nursing journey.

    Good Luck!!!!
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    Thank you very much..
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    People don't get hired for having a doctor's prescription for pain medication?
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    I guess there is a section in the ammendment that allows employers to decide if they will tolerate the consumption of marijuana (and other substances) by their employees, even if the use becomes legalized in the State. So you might be legally ok to smoke, but can still get fired by your employer for it if they choose to test for it accordingly.
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    Quote from bethann21
    People don't get hired for having a doctor's prescription for pain medication?
    That is correct.
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    Speaking as a former recreational user of marijuana I can make two observations:

    1. ThC is detectable in urine for a very long time, up to about 40 days, I believe.

    2. The hang-over effects are also long lasting and often include mood alterations as well as a slowing of cognitive function.

    One more thing, so, three things:

    3. Marijuana can be every bit as addictive as ETOH or any narcotic, if only psychologically and to the predisposed.
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    Marijuana is addicting like cheeseburgers are addicting. Its nothing like alcohol and or other narcotics. Don't put those in the same category.

    I also smoked all through nursing school, and smoked after studying. I have never experienced a marijuana hangover, ever. I have since quit because I wanted a job and to pass the drug test obviously, but let me tell you one thing. To quit drinking every weekend was a lot harder than quitting smoking.

    No crap marijuana is detectable in the urine for 30 days it doesn't mean you are high though. There are blood tests now that can detect the THC levels in the blood to determine if a person is impaired.
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    Quote from lovinlife11
    Omg, is this for real? If it is, I pray you never take care of myself or any family or friends. You are a nurse and held to higher standards, that doesn't mean being high on ur days off. Ugh!!

    Like OMG lovinlife; grow a few brain cells and stop regurgitating everything the gov't and mass media has shoved down your throat. EVERYONE in this forum who thinks marijuana is bad needs an education. There are several documentaries if you're too lazy to do actual research, with testimony from very convincing sources; INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT.

    There are 450,000 tobacco related deaths every year; 80,000 alcohol related deaths, and are you ready for this? 750,000 pharmaceutical related deaths. Do you know how many deaths have been attributed to marijuana in the history of documenting these stats? NONE, as in ZERO - not one. It's illegal because it keeps certain individuals (all of whom can pull political puppet strings) RICH. Privatize jails for instance; it should be illegal to benefit from someone's incarceration; but its not! Nope, now they've spread like wildfire; 260 last count. How do we keep our profit centers full? Keep pot illegal. I could go on forever; and as a nurse you should recognize the 200+ medicinal uses of marijuana; natural medicine people!!!! Did you know the brain has THC receptors? Do you know why?

    If there are any sheep in this herd who want to actually educate themselves before voicing an ignorant opinion, I highly recommend visiting Netflix and watching The Union: The Business Behind Getting High; its a good start.

    And the question was "its legal, so can I".... it should be allowed. Obviously no nurse is going to go to work high - do you really think that was the intention for this person who asked the question? No, this nurse who asked the question probably works with ill-educated, simple minded sheep and is hoping to get off work and kick back. Of course if it becomes an issue and not an option because of the crones sitting on the boards, well then I guess instead of stimulating brain function we'll just have to keep wrecking our livers.
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    You need to get with the times.