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  1. bethann21

    Legalization of recreational marijuana

    People don't get hired for having a doctor's prescription for pain medication?
  2. bethann21

    Tampa Bay applicants

    You're all awesome!!! I've been reading through these threads and am amazed at the high GPA's. Is getting into nursing school in the Tampa Bay area that competitive? My fiance bought a house in Clearwater and I'm going to start out at SPC to repeat my prereqs and add some chemistry biology and math...anyway congrats!!!!
  3. bethann21

    Tampa/Clearwater Area Nurses and Students

    Thanks everyone, you've been a great deal of help. I love this website.
  4. Hello all. I am considering a move to Clearwater in the next year and will be starting my journey towards nursing. When I try to look for practical nursing and associate programs, it gets very confusing because I am unsure where anything is. If any of you can help, thanks in advance!!
  5. bethann21

    Financial Aid Eligibility ADN vs BSN

    Whoops, just found the information I needed on the local CC's website. Students are eligible for federal aid for up to 90 hours. Guess I'll be applying to the BSN programs, which is what I would like to do anyway. I do want to complete the pre-requisites and repeat A&P and Micro at the CC, then apply to a wide range of BSN programs. Guess I'll be paying for those classes and texts on my own. Thank goodness for payment plans!!
  6. bethann21

    Financial Aid Eligibility ADN vs BSN

    So we are eligible for financial aid up to 150% of the credit hours required for a degree. I have 100 hours at this point. I am just curious as to whether I would be able to receive aid if I went into an associate degree program, or if I would have to do a bachelor's. There is no way I will be able to pay for school without financial aid. Anyone have advice or experience??
  7. bethann21

    Are there success stories?

    To help answer your questions, look up the websites for the BON in your state and whatever states you may practice in the future. The BON meets on a regular basis and the meeting minutes are posted on the site. You will be able to see who got approved to sit for the NCLEX and who did not. You will also be able to see what will get your license yanked in the future!
  8. bethann21

    LPN classes in knoxville

    There is a program at Blount Memorial in Maryville. That is the only program besides TTC. If you are willing to travel, there are Tennessee Technology Centers in Harriman and Morristown as well that offer an LPN course.
  9. Verizon's prepaid has worked very well for me. I don't use my phone a lot, otherwise it would be too expensive. My plan is 10 cents a minute plus 99 cents per day on the days you use it. I have great reception, and travel into rural areas a lot. You can even link your debit/credit card up and make a free call to the billing center and add minutes when you have to. I highly recommend it.
  10. bethann21

    Anyone been licensed with a pot charge?

    I was convicted in 2005 with possession of schedule VI (marijuana) and paraphanalia, both misdemeanors. Since then I have completed nine months of treatment and have been clean fifteen months. I am not asking for legal advice; I have checked with BON and my crimes are not what they are looking for as far as denying licensure. I would like anyone with experience to let me know how it is looking for employment with a record. Thanks!
  11. I have a urine drug screen coming up and am worried. I read that NSAIDS can cause false positives for THC. I am prescribed up to 2400 mg ibuprofen and 15 mg meloxicam daily, PRN. Does anyone have any experience with this? I wonder if I should quit taking anything for a few days prior, but I have arthritis and it is hard to work without it... Thanks!