Asked to work every other weekend, 16 hr. shifts!?

  1. 0 I'm a newly graduated ADN RN. I have been on the hunt for a job for awhile and haven't found anything too great coming my way yet. So I applied at places that are definitely not my 1st choice as far as facilities go, but not my last, either. Anyways, I just got this call from a local Assisted Living Facility asking me if I would be interested in working every other weekend, 16 HRS per day! When the hiring manager asked me if I would be willing to do that I said 'no'... then she said 'well, I can look at our schedule and see if we can change some things around'. Would you take this as a bad sign, that this co is just looking to exploit people?
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    I'd need to know more.
    Is it benefitted? Are they paying you OT after 8?
    It's not uncommon to get offers of 16 hour shifts, just depends on what they offer you for reimbursement. It's not illegal if they pay accordingly. There's a Baylor program at some hospitals where you do 2 16 hr shifts every weekend, and are benefited full time. The Perks are only having to work 2 days a week. So it's not unheard of.
    I think the thing is though with it being every other weekend, your not getting enough hours. However, if its the only hit you have had, and you can handle it, as long as they pay you OT, it's better than nothing.
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    Assisted living is very different than a skilled care or hospital. For 16 hours it may be more of an "on call" type situation, they call you if they need you. But most assisted living has pretty spry residents who take care of themselves, or with some CNA assistance, however, it is comforting to have a nurse in house.

    I would ask what the job itself entails. You may find out of the 16 hours, not much is happening that you need to do.
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    I would have accepted the position even though not ideal and used my time off during the week to seek further employment. Some paycheck is better than none and it is easier to get a job when you have one.
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    This is not uncommon, among employers that utilize a weekend program to staff weekends.

    Would those be your only hours (32 hours/pay - part time)? If so - you'd have a part-time gig, every other weekend. And, as Esme pointed out -- a JOB, and EXPERIENCE, which you don't have now.
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    If you must have a paycheck like yesterday, I would say take the position, but keep looking.
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    Every nursing job I have ever had required that I work every other weekend; very common around here. Some 12's, some 16's. I just plan my life knowing that every other weekend will be fully taken up by work.
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    Every other weekend is pretty standard, and working 2 16 hour days isn't awful, would you be working the rest of the week? I used to do 3 PM - 7 AM twice a week and it was awesome having the other 5 days off.
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    I think that this employer should offer you more information about your hours. When I was working full time in nursing, I was on what we called the "weekend option". I worked every weekend, 7a-7p and was paid full time for these two twelves. It wasn't fun working two twelves back to back, but it was nice to have 5 days off AND get paid for full time with full time benefits if you wanted them. The weekend option was a great deal, but that was back in the late 80s/early 90s and by the mid 90s it was gone. I'm wondering if this two doubles back to back is some sort of weekend option.

    After weekend option was done away with, I knew an RN who did two doubles on the weekends for many years. She lived an hour and a half from the hospital and would basically "move in" for the weekend. She slept in a patient room up on the ENT floor which was closed on the weekends. The unit clerk would call and wake her up an hour prior to her shift and she would go home Sunday night. She loved it because she and her husband also ran a farm. I loved it because I got great produce and fresh eggs! I couldn't have done it. For me there is a HUGE difference between working a 12 and a double. I don't think that I have worked a double since Reagan was in the White House....along with Nancy and psychic Jeanne Dixon at his side.
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    I'd take that job.
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    @ HazelLPN: I agree with you... 12s, I could do w/o any problem. That extra 4 hrs. takes up every waking hour in my world and I seriously doubt that I would be able to wind down immediately after getting off of work! I was shocked that she even asked, I started out by saying 'uh, NO' (I know it wouldn't work for me) but decided to go to the interview bc she said she will try & work the schedule out another way...
    I have no problem w/ weekends either, it's the 16s that I couldn't see myself comitting to
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    This is an older thread....
    And I am older and now more experienced...I also worked many many hours- my 12 hour shift routinely was 12-16-18 hours.
    It has been proven that any hours you work that is more than 10....subject you to making mistakes! It was well know when I worked and has not changed.
    If you do this you are subjecting yourself to potential lawsuits for making mistakes. Also,, as an older/wiser person,, I do not want to potentially harm a person.
    Live and learn! Some things only become clearer with age....
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    Quote from Nola009
    I'm a newly graduated ADN RN... I just got this call from a local Assisted Living Facility asking me if I would be interested in working every other weekend, 16 HRS per day!
    Yay!! A job offer!!
    When the hiring manager asked me if I would be willing to do that I said 'no'...
    uh oh...
    then she said 'well, I can look at our schedule and see if we can change some things around'. Would you take this as a bad sign
    Houston, we have a problem. Yes, this is a terribly ominous sign... for you, that is... somebody else will be delighted to get the job, though.
    that this co is just looking to exploit people?
    Exploitation? If you're getting paid competitive wages then you're not being exploited by being asked to work a 16-hr shift.

    My approach to launching my nursing career was to take the very first job offer that came, no matter what. I did and, after 3 years, ended up where I wanted to be.

    Beggars can't be choosers...
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