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I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I know I will probably have to... Read More

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    kansas home care starts at 9..nursing homes are usually 10/11 to start...full time =benfits...

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    Colorado $11-$12 to start, with evening ($1), night ($3), weekend ($2) differentials. If you get called in to pick up a shift, you can get up to $4 per hour, on weekends. And you get $50 for holidays, in addition to the hourly rate.
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    Starting wage 15 dollars/hr + evening, night, weekend diff. and benefits.
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    Quote from ssimcha
    In Dallas, Surgical Center $16. base pay $2 shift diff from 3p-11pm then it goes up to $3 and on Friday through Sunday midnight the shift diff is $5.oo but at most hospitals in the Dallas, Tx area its like $12 for float pool etc..with PTO of course and benfits I think if your PRN you don't get PTO or benefits. Were actually under construction right now making the transition to a full fledge hospital, with another 24 beds, 12 ICU and 14 (I think) ORs' so Im sure they will be needing people by summer, maybe sooner its supposed to be done in March/April 2011.
    Hi, are these for CNA/ PCA salaries? Do you know if your hospital is hiring now? or where I could go for a job? I'd like to make at least 15 an hr, will forfeit the benefits to do so and look to make 10 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week to make ends meet while taking my additional courses for entrance in RN school, could you let me know if they are hiring or where you know of, thanks
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    Quote from waldo_1984
    Starting wage 15 dollars/hr + evening, night, weekend diff. and benefits.
    Is this in Dallas? Are they still hiring more CNA/PCA's...could you let me know where
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    do you know if this is still the staring wage or is there something higher, what hospitals do you know of that hires for more? I'm trying to start this myself but out of all the websites nobody is calling me back
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    Small non-profit inpatient center in Southern California, $15 +$2 differential on weekends (I work all weekends). Plus bene's... pays the bills.
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    They make $21 plus benefits in the hospital where I work( I'm in Canada).
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    i went to an interview for a PCT job where i was expecting to be offered at LEAST 9-10 dollars per hour. she said it paid MINIMUM WAGE = 7.25 per hour. i have a degree and 10 years of work experience (neither in nursing) and still was offered 7.25 - sickening!

    i had a job at the time so i declined. i would've left my job had it paid more bc i wanted to start working in a hospital and get some experience, but i couldn't afford to take a pay cut and i was SHOCKED they pay people doing such hard/important work so little.
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    I work at a hospital in RI....with no experience I make $12.49 an hour, plus differential. 3rd shift(what I was hired for) is an extra $2.50/hour, weekends are $1.75 and I believe evenings are $1.50. If I work my regularly scheduled hours any 3rd shift I pick up is time 1/2 which is very, very nice haha

    Most nursing homes I interviewed at were under $10/hour. I made more working at a coffee shop!

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