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I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I know I will probably have to... Read More

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    pittsburgh 16.00 13 yrs experiance Im getting ready to grad from an ADN program in May

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    When I started in 1996, I made 6.50 an hour. When I left CNA in 2002 I was making a little over 10. Now that it's 2008 when I get into CNA, I wonder how much I'll make

    I live in Indiana
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    Making 11.55 an hour, then get .50 shift differential and .50 attendance bonus so I am making 12.55 here in wisconsin....
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    CNA's in the bay area that I know start from $14 to $17/hr. An experienced CNA can make $23/hr.
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    southwest missouri home health starts at 7.80/hr plus 25cents/mile, after 90 days you can do Advanced Personal Care and make 8.80/hr
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    As a CMA I make $9.50 in mid Kansas, that is a good wage here!
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    PCT at a central ohio hospital $10.91 with $1.55 shift diff. no experience
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    Student nurse (care partner) in Southern California making $17 and some change.
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    4-5years ago in Texas I made $8.50 as a CNA with no experience. In Washington state the CNA/PCTs seem to make about $12 starting out.
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    i live in michigan. im a CNA at a hospital in Joint Replacement. I'm on the 12hr midnight shift. I started at $12.41/hr PT full benefits. We get $1.50 shift premium for working the night shift and $0.80 premium when "pulled" to other units when they are understaffed. After my six month raise along with my shift premiums, I am averaging about $16/hour.
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