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Hello. I'm trying to apply for this nursing home near my house. but i'm not sure what to put for desired rate of pay. so.. what is the average pay rate for starting cnas? i looked up and they... Read More

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    I'm in Wisconsin and work in a hospital. I make 14.00 hourly, 3.30 for working NOCS, and 3.00 for working weekend program. So 20.30 an hour since I only work weekends.
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    Quote from Ms. Nurse Assistant
    I'm in Michigan, I've made up to 12/hr. While I heard that some hospitals start CNAs at 14/hr. It's very hard to get into those hospitals that pay that much

    Hi, Ms. Nurse Assistant, I'm from Michigan also. Would like to know what was your starting pay with no experience?
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    depends a lot on where u stay. I live in cincinnati, ohio. and Ive never been paid less that 10.25/hr. And most places offer a night differential of a dolar
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    starting pay for mine was 9.50$. the lady said that she gave me .50$ extra.. O_O;
    and 10$ with .50$ shift differential [chose job for 11-7]..
    and 11$ for weekend with 1.50$ differential.
    is that alot.. or should i have expected more? O_O;
    cuz when the lady said 10 for starting pay.. i was so happy until she looked at some paper and goes.. "oh it says 9.50" lol O_o;
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    I started out at my first job making a little less than $8/hour.

    I made 9.25 at my second job and 10.50 at my third.

    I'm currently making 11.70 on weekdays and 12.70 on weekends.

    So, as you can see, it varies greatly!

    To the above poster, that seems like a pretty good rate for your first CNA job, congratulations! Keep in mind that on paperwork, it will list your base rate and NOT what you get with shift and/or weekend differential.
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    Indeed, on my first job pre-Certification test I made 7.50 which went to 8 after the test. A year later it went to 10.

    Next couple of homes (PT, PRN) positions varied between 10 and 15. Currently making a tad over 17 full time in VA.

    Your starting pay is on par with what you can expect to get at most places. It seems to vary between 6/7ish to 14/15ish.
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    I live in Elgin , IL and the C.N.A. jobs start at $11 and the most is $16. Even new grads have a $300 sign-on and make $11,$12 . Not so bad
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    Thats awesome! I worked at a nursing home right outside Portland, Maine for a few years while living up there and I made $17.50. That was weekend pay but I also was per diem so that bumped me up a few bucks and I was ALWAYS looking for extra shifts that were posted because they were either Double Time, +$10 or +$6 an hour. CNAS have to be crafty!! Always keep your eyes out for how to make THE MOST money because we work very hard and do hard work! Companies will always try to screw you so you have to be on top it!!
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    How much does northern NJ CNA's make? I'm in fl and thought about going back to NJ in a year or so
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    upstate ny 11.83/hr

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