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GuatericanNurse specializes in pediatric.

"old grad" nurse class of May 2009 looking for a job in boston, new hampshire, CT, RI - basically anywhere that will take me!!

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  1. Finally got an interview but need advice!

    I thought out my answers ahead of time, and I even typed them out and spoke them out loud to myself. Rehearsing may seem stupid, but once you've visualized yourself saying this to the recruiter/RN manager, it will be a bit less nerve racking when you...
  2. what to do during the gap after graduation as a RN?

    I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to volunteer at a medical tent at the Boston Marathon as a new grad. Maybe there is something like that around your area?
  3. 3rd night and very discouraged

    Are you stuck with this ONE preceptor? Any chance you can get a different nurse to precept you? If I were you, I would definately talk to the other new grads and see if there is any chance you can work with someone else. Or even talk to your manager!...
  4. so I blush really bad...

    Maybe you can try working the night shift! If you blush in the dark...your patients cant see you! But seriously, I would talk to my PMD and see if there is something that you can take because I am sure that it must be very uncomfortable to deal with...
  5. -How long did it take you to find a job as a new grad?

    Ortho/Surgical floor!! =)
  6. How I Got My First Nursing Job

    Thats an AWESOME story!! Everything happens for a reason is my quote that I kept telling myself because I too applied to over 150 jobs, and got rejected SO many times. I just got hired to work at my hospital where I am currently a CNA. So now I am a ...
  7. -How long did it take you to find a job as a new grad?

    Graduated May 2009 in Boston Applied to about 150 jobs, including out of state Finally JUST got hired last week for a FT position at the hospital where I am a CNA. So it took about 15 months.
  8. Have you ever had to nurse through a water shutdown?

    Like April, RN said, in Boston a few months back we had a water shortage for a couple days. It was rough. At first, we didn't know what we were going to do, but thankfully the kitchen just sent up extra bottles of water to every room multiple times a...
  9. Why are you an Ortho Nurse?

    Fellow nurses! I have a plain and simple question for all your Orthopedic fanatics out there. WHY ORTHO?? I would like to know what it is about orthopedic surgical patients that you love! I have a fantastic opportunity to interivew for a pediat...

    I honestly couldnt even read your post because of the way you typed it. Cut it out!!! It hurts our eyes!!!! Thanks.
  11. It's all about the budget

    On my floor, charge nurse no longer gets a 1$ incentive, and now they are taking anywhere from basically, we DONT have a charge nurse to help facilitate and assist sometimes cuz they are busy with their OWN patients! Its because of this ...
  12. First Job Interview ever.....

    Send a thank you note to whomever you interviewed with after you interview. Smile. Wear a suit. Bring extra copies of your resume and cover letter since you may not know how many people you are interviewing with. Have a nice strong hand shake. Not t...
  13. manual BP's?

    try doing a manual on a KICKING...SCREAMING 2 yr old. Being in Pediatrics is tough. almost ALL the kids here have automatic BP's checked. Also, we have little tiny 7 day old peanuts that need BP's checked. Very difficult to get it on the kiddos.....S...
  14. What's the status on new grad positions in BOSTON?

    STATUS: There are NONE! I also work as a CNA in a major boston hospital. Been there for almost two years. I graduated in May 2009 and been a nurse since Nov 2009. I spoke to my RN manager and the RN recruiter and they are telling me to look elsewher...
  15. Quick question for night-shift nurses

    I work with kids and I mostly do nights, so when I go in to do vitals I take the flash light, turn it on and flip it upside down and prop it up on the bedside table. Its perfect. Not too much light that it will both anyone who is sleeping, but just e...