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    Hello. I want to see how your Organization/ "Brain" sheet is set up to get ideas before I make my own. Sharing this will be of great help.

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    Here goes. Hope some of it's useful!
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    Hi David,
    Is this what you use to take shift report? If not, how do you use this form in your practice?

    Always looking for better ways of doing things,
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    Here's Mine I mostly work 12's on Days
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    I work 7p to 7a on Tele.
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    For what it's worth. I do a lot of fill in in the areas without actual headings that way I can tweak it on the run. The far right column is to make sure I get all the required charting done.


    oops...guess allnurses can't rez an excel file. It's a screenshot. PM me if interested and I can email it to ya!
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    are there any more brain sheets out there,??? i just started working on a tele floor and dont like the brain sheets we have
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    Here's my worksheetAttachment 6128 I work 7pm-7am on a cardiovascular unit.
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    Quote from Miami NightNurse
    Here's my worksheetAttachment 6128 I work 7pm-7am on a cardiovascular unit.

    I graduate next week and just accepted my first RN position on the CCU. Thanks for all the brain sheets, I appreciate all the help I can get.
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    I never liked "brain sheets" I don't like the space siuation with them. I start my shift with a plain sheet of paper stapled to each patients nursing worksheets. I write in the same spots all the info needed... patient activitys and orders in a list at the left corner with a line for me to add in my info such as I&O, accuchecks, tele reading, cardiziem drip rates, ect. Bottom of page left corner goes hx old labs the sory if you will. right upper corner goes all new orders, next to that the things still needed pending labs, stool sample ect. down the center is assessment info iv spot O2 spot and I write report I recievd in red and anything new in black. I then stack sheets cut the corners for easy access to each patients pages and place on a cip board which I carry as a tray for meds water iv eqipment, basically for what ever I need to bring into each room.
    It takes a while to find a system that works for you. Most nurses at my new hospital carry around very large three ring binders, that just blows me away but it is really a peronal preferance. I worked floating the house for 10 years and now have settled down to the tele unit. My paperwork is able to chage for every situstion and worked well for me on all types of units.
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