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  1. nurseJ88

    Am I a Public Health Nurse deep inside?

    Hello "Werkenovatyme": I'm from California. Here, I need a BSN to practice Public Health Nursing. This is the reason why I am in a RN to BSN program currently. Also, I work on a Med-Surg floor. Soon as I get my BSN, I am going for Public Health! How about you?
  2. Which one is more helpful?
  3. Hi there.. I am an orientee on the med-surg floor. Just started.. What are the most commonly ordered IV push meds used on this floor for me to be well-knowledged off? .. consider dilution and compatibility, important things to remember.. I understand that I can look up a med in a drug book when necessary; however, it will really help me to start really knowing the most important ones. Thank you so much. Any IV med book that you recommend?
  4. nurseJ88

    Am I a Public Health Nurse deep inside?

    Thank you for your wisdom.... Good luck to you, as well, for your future endeavors.
  5. nurseJ88

    6-Week VS. 18-Week New Grad RN Training

    job a: -4:1 ratio in telemetry -this hospital is one of the high-paying hmo hospitals in ca. they also provide good benefits. i am surprised that their orientation program in telemetry will only provide 10 8-hr shifts of clinical training (paid). preceptors are included, of course. acls and bcm (basic cardiac monitoring) classes are included in the 6 weeks! job b: -5:1 ratio in general med/surg -this hospital is also well-established, yet not as big as job a. they have good pay and benefits. their orientation program goes beyond the usual 'traditional' orientation (paid). preceptors, mentors, and counselors are included in the program. acls and bcm are not required on this floor. on the limited information that i have i would go with job b. learn your trade. if you have family near the other job, you can always change after a year or two, to be near family again. my family, of course, votes for job a that has $10,000/yr difference and 1 hr drive distance difference from job b. but i agree with you that i need to "learn my trade...." i can always go back to my hometown, but i only have one time to be a new grad.... the quality of my training in my first rn job is the priority at this time.
  6. nurseJ88

    6-Week VS. 18-Week New Grad RN Training

    Thank you bebobthefrog85 for your advice. Actually, I already passed the NCLEX-RN and got my CA license. But thank you for the NCLEX advice. It is nice to hear your opinion, particularly you are/ will be a new grad RN like me. I did apply to these hospitals. Again, thank you and congratulations to you.
  7. nurseJ88

    6-Week VS. 18-Week New Grad RN Training

    Job Offer A: -Med/Surg Telemetry -Actually, the manager stated that there are 10 8-hr shifts before I will be on my own!! Job Offer B: -General Med/Surg -This 18-Week RN Residency is via the Versant Program, which has gained recognition for new graduate competence and retention. Approximately 4 weeks of class instruction. Please help!
  8. I need to make a decision between two job offers as a new graduate RN. Job Offer A: -6-Week Training -big company -higher salary -in my hometown -close to my potential BSN school Job Offer B: -18-Week RN Residency Training -not as big of a company as Job Offer A; yet, not small -ok salary -must make a move from hometown -1 hr away from my potential BSN school I know that as a new graduate a good training makes a big difference. I know that convenience is also a factor. Which one would you choose? I need your opinion. Please help.
  9. If the nurse manager of a hospital unit is in real need for staff nurses and does not mind training the new grads, Associate's RN is fine for an entry-level position. A BSN degree comes in handy in managerial, nurse educator, PHN (depending on the state), and other leadership and management positions.
  10. Did you search for a new graduate position at all Kaiser, Sutter, CHW, UC Davis hospitals in Sacramento area, Placer County, San Joaquin County, Bay area? Please tell me your job hunt experience (you can private message me). I am just wondering.
  11. nurseJ88

    Types of Nursing Career Specialties

    JJG, You are welcome. nurseJ88:monkeydance:
  12. nurseJ88

    What's Your Nursing Christmas Wish?

    What do you wish for a change in your current nursing practice? Believe...and it will come true. Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year :angel2:
  13. Hello everyone! I am a newly licensed RN, with an ADN. I am currently in an RN-to-BSN program, mainly to be eligible to be PHN certified (California). What area of nursing, hospital floors or public health clinics (wherein I could use my ADN and earn a living), do you think I should work in while still waiting for my PHN and will prepare me for the PHN? I appreciate your opinion. Thank you.
  14. nurseJ88

    Night Shifters....How do you stay rested?

    Thank you very much for all your suggestions, in terms of avoiding sleep distractions, darkening the room, producing white noise.... HAS ANYONE MENTION THE KIND OF COMFORTABLE BED AND MATTRESS HE OR SHE USES? TEMPUR-PEDIC, SEALY POSTURE-PEDIC, OR OTHERS? I'M THINKING OF GETTING A TEMPUR-PEDIC? IT IS A LITTLE COSTLY FOR A NEW GRAD:lol2:
  15. nurseJ88

    iv/blood draw certification

    Go to BVNPT website. http://www.bvnpt.ca.gov/Education/Schools/IV_Providers.asp