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HI! I'm a student nurse senior year and an extern on a busy medical floor. I'm having a difficult time finding some sort of organization chart that I can use to keep my patient assessments, notes, med times, etc, handy. If anyone has any ideas Id appreciate a link or sample or anything! I usually take 3-4 patients at a time. Thank you


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I have a pretty good assessment sheet that I use for each patient. It is geared for cardiac/tele, which is my clincal area, but it can be adjusted for any use. I don't know how tp post it, but I can email it to you if you would like.

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I'm attaching the report sheet I used as a staff nurse, plus a newer student clinical sheet I've been working on. Maybe you can figure out how to cut and paste and merge them to a workable compromise for you.

Report Sheet (2).doc

Student Clinical Report Sheet.doc


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Thanks for all those sheet. They will be soo useful.


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mom2michael said:
Here are some I've found over the years of searching....

Maybe you could cut and paste and make it what works for you......

OMG, those are beautiful! Thank you so much, I am snagging that brainsheet!  You are an angel!


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Hey! I am looking too and I have not yet found student group is putting together a few things....I will see if I can get you access. If you find anything, will you clue me into it aswell??