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Thanks for all of these great ideas. I use an index card type arrangement for now, all handwritten. I really like the "circle it" preprinted idea, and will include in my next round of cards... I like the index cards though. Good old 3X5s.


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This is pretty good! One question; how did you embed or attach your document on this website?


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JBALDWIN How did you embed your document on the forum?


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Can you email me a copy of your brain sheet? Thank you!


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purple_rose_3 said:
I work 7p to 7a on Tele.

This is the closest to mine, just in a slt diff form. I like to be able to have everything organized. A plain piece of paper does not work for my ADD brain!


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I took a screenshot (.png) of my sheet and posted it here as a picture.

I couldn't see your brain sheet. Could you send it to me? Thanx


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nursescallshots said:
Hi, I'm new and just finished orientation but I've gathered lots of tips from nurses along the way. Haven't started using my brain sheet but I think it incorporates what the other nurses are doing. It prints out on legal paper with a front and back. Front is in SBAR style; back is sectioned to write notes w/a water mark of Mother Teresa to remind me it's all about the patient. I will try to attach them. Hope they help. :heartbeat

PS I'm on a Coronary Care Unit! Yippeee!

PPSS: Darn. I don't know how to attach file in this messaging system. If you PM me with your email I'll send you the attachments in word. Good luck.

Hi, I'd love a copy of your brain. Click above on the email icon to send it. thanks!


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I have a "brain" sheet I attach to front of cardex, then fold cardex and cut corners that I carry for my 4 pts. I also have a meds brain I tape to my MARS binder so I don't miss any meds t/o day. I make notes on the meds brain for follow up like, rm 63, asa missing, K+ scale, collect UA, drsg change...

For some reason I am unable to upload them so e-mail me and I can send. These are MS Word & Excel files.

I would be interested in your brain sheets. Please send anytime you update.



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I am in a float pool, new nurse. Would appreciate seeing other's brain sheets.


Cheri234, BSN

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Anybody else have any suggestions for brain sheets?