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I really like this format for managing geriatric pts on a unit. Thanks!


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I got some really good worksheets after searching for hours this morning. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Im a Student practical Nurse!


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Hi, does anyone have a NCP (nursing care plan) for a student on a rehab. floor?


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So I have two...

One is for a single patient

The other is a 2 patient brain sheet.

The latter I just completed right now! I needed a new one since we have a new system in place. I work in Med/Surg and sometimes we get vent patients, but it's not often.

You'll see a lot of large blank spaces. The first large blank space is open for the patient's label, which on my unit, includes the name, MR#, DOB, and date admitted, so that helps a lot.

The 2000/0000/0400 are blank underneath for VS (I work NOC)

And the large blank space is for general info for labs and radiology results, etc. I like to have some space since I can be a messy person at time and just write whatever...I can't be neat and tidy all the time!

1 patient brain sheet.docx



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Ditto!! These sheets are remarkably beautiful. I'm in the first year of a BSN program, and these are going to help me so much in clinicals next semester. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing (that goes for everyone!!)


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AggieNurse99 said:
The new grad one I made for interns and students unfamiliar with our charting (print 2 sides, flip on long edge) and there's a time sheet on the back. I use a 1 page per pt brain, even though we take 6 pts. I just can't make enough notes on a multiple pt sheet.

New Grad Brain.doc is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen as a second semester nursing student. I nearly wept tears of joy. Thank you so very much. I will be downloading the other as well.


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Hey Jeff,

I know this is an old post, but I'm a new nurse in CICU at Cleveland Clinic and am looking for some way to better organize my days/nights. Like your brain as a template and would love to be able to adjust it a little. Could you possibly forward me an electronic version/file of the excel file you used? Would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks, Joe

After reading this post I created a brain sheet of my own, can someone explain to me how to upload a link? It is a docx file, and I know I cannot post my email address on here.


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I don't know how to upload my brain sheet. I work noc shift 12 hours on a med/surg floor