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  1. New grad cardiac TCU

    Hi everyone! I'm a new grad in SF- landed a job at a killer hospital before I even graduated (I know, totally unheard of) and I feel like I won the lottery!! We're a postop CV floor in a cardiac hub- get all the CABG, TAVR, MVRs a couple days out, a...
  2. Questions from a student!

    Hi Christinajoanne! I am a new grad, just landed a job in a cardiac transitional care unit (so excited!!). I however, was able to do a six-month nursing work-study internship in a cardiac catheterization lab (CCL) during my last summer/semester of n...
  3. How Are You Easing Your First Day Jitters?

    I am 37, have three school-age children, and have worked on and off the whole time I've been a student. If I can do it (with straight As all the way through- graduating in Dec.) you can too! But you do, as someone else said, seriously need to chill. ...
  4. I currently live in the SF bay area in CA, and I know I have very slim chances of finding a job here when I graduate in December. My husband and I also have three school-age children, which makes the cost of living even higher for us here. We do not ...
  5. No Peds clinical site- does my school suck?

    Doh. Just figured out how to quote to respond (tho I made it look like I quoted myself... . This is my first post - thanks to everyone for your feedback and insight!! Keep it coming :)
  6. No Peds clinical site- does my school suck?

    Thank you llg- these are exactly the questions we need to be asking. I really appreciate your feedback :)
  7. No Peds clinical site- does my school suck?

    Thank you for your feedback ChristineN, that is very encouraging. It's reassuring to hear that other schools have had the same issue and getting hired to a peds unit is still possible. Thx!
  8. My Fellow Nursing Students

    That was so amazing! Just starting my OB/Peds semester, and feeling overwhelmed. That was really motivational and beautiful!! I shared on my facebook :) Thanks for posting!
  9. I am just starting my OB/Peds semester, and it seems that we do not have a clinical site for pediatrics (due to low census at the small hospital we were assigned to). This is a huge disappointment for me and many of my fellow students who were really...
  10. Share Your "Brain" Sheet

    Ditto!! These sheets are remarkably beautiful. I'm in the first year of a BSN program, and these are going to help me so much in clinicals next semester. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing (that goes for everyone!!)