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groovy jeff, RN

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I don't use a 'brain sheet' because it could be mistaken that one has no brain ?


anh06005, MSN, APRN, NP

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I looked at several other people's and sort of combined them into what made sense for me (I can't figure out how to upload it yeah). I still tweak it sometimes if I notice something is missing that I have to write down often :) Also as I chart thing I highlight them so I know that it is charted and done. This way I don't have to review my nurses notes, assessments, meds, etc. to make sure I did everything!

Also I am one of those who uses a large 3-ring binder. I have dividers so each patient has a section. I also have one of those zipper pockets (like for pencils and such) that I put my meds in so they are all separated. Some of the larger things I have to toss in a box and leave down the hallway (we have "cubbies" which house a computer and a cabinet down each hall). I like to have a stash of things.


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Here is my newest version. I shrink it down to 78% on the copier at work and then put two, side by side in a landscape page setup. That way I have both patients on one sheet. You just have to write small. LOL.

RN Flow Sheet.doc


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Thanks everyone for sharing your "brains"! Our instructor wanted us to come up with our own format to use for clinical prep tomorrow, this thread has been a great place to mine ideas. I decided to keep it pretty simple and uncluttered, I'm sure I'll be tweaking it as I find out what I really need to know and we become responsible for more pt care. Attached here if you want to take a glance.



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AggieNurse99 said:
The new grad one I made for interns and students unfamiliar with our charting (print 2 sides, flip on long edge) and there's a time sheet on the back. I use a 1 page per pt brain, even though we take 6 pts. I just can't make enough notes on a multiple pt sheet.

Wow!!! Your sheets were very thorough!! I wish I knew about brain sheets when I was a student. They would have been very helpful!

Thanks for posting your brain sheets everyone!!! They have opened my eyes to how I can improve my own sheets.

Natalie Ann

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What is your e-mail address? I think I could use some help in creating my own brain sheet, if you wouldn't mind.


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I just wanted to thank everyone for posting your sheets, I start a new job next week and I have the hardest time organizing myself. I have saved about 30 of these on my computer and plan to create my own but use bits and pieces of many of your wonderful suggestions.. so happy to see nurses working together and helping one another out. I will def post mine once I actually figure it out ?


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Id love to post mine, but i can't figure out how to attach it?



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Here's mine! I love it!



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Here's my sheet, adapted from others I liked here on the site:


musu, RN

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Excellent! I love this.

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