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anh06005 has 6 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Cardiac, Home Health, Primary Care.

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  1. anh06005

    Tips to increasing efficiency as an Outpatient NP?

    I've never had the chance to use Epic myself but I'm sure others can help you with how to do templates. But YES working specialty you'll deal with MUCH less. I do sleep medicine so I have very basic templates cause I ask the same questions abou...
  2. anh06005

    Tips to increasing efficiency as an Outpatient NP?

    As others said you shouldn't be giving up lunch. That's your time. I've worked outpatient for 6 years now and can only think of less than a handful of days I worked through lunch because they were just those kinds of days. Also second knowing yo...
  3. anh06005

    Has anyone worked in Sleep Medicine?

    I work strictly sleep medicine. I have positions in 2 different offices. In one my collaborative physicians are neurology and sleep and in the other pulmonology and sleep. But I just see sleep patients.
  4. anh06005

    Telehealth with Leadership Health?

    I had an interview with then for a HTN management position that was remote. It does sound interesting but was hard to get a firm grasp on what I would do for the company. The HR guy talked a lot and didn't seem to listen much to me but that may have ...
  5. anh06005

    Best Review Bundle For AANP Exam

    Also agree Hollier is great. I got her CD's so I could listen to them multiple times then sell then when I was done. Hollier is great for larger concepts (antibiotics, HTN management, COPD, etc.). I also used Leik as this book gets into more det...
  6. anh06005

    New Grad NP Working Alone

    I think most employers expect a NP to be ready to go. It's a totally different role than as a RN so I don't think anywhere will give you much training. I also had a few days with the doctor and started seeing people on my own. They did try to only gi...
  7. anh06005

    Has anyone worked in Sleep Medicine?

    I know I'm a little late to the party here but are there any specific questions you have? I've worked sleep medicine the last few years and enjoy it more than I thought. In my clinics it is mostly ordering sleep studies (or other testing I deem ...
  8. anh06005

    MSN, $60-$75K, worth it?

    But doing WHAT in cardiac or ICU? The bedside nurse who is there for 12 hours at a time? Nurse manager? Nurse educator? The MSN-CNL might make you look better for a nurse manager or educator but often they still want people to have BEDSIDE nursing ex...
  9. anh06005

    Leaving at 6 months in?

    Ideally it is best to stay for a year or two. BUT if you're sure this job is where you want to be I'd say go for it and risk burning a bridge with your current unit. If you get this job and stay there 10 years I doubt your next potential employer wi...
  10. anh06005

    Norm ADLs of young adults, NUR111

    Well ADL's are just that...activities of daily living. As a young adult I get out of bed, shower, brush my hair, brush my teeth, eat, go to work/school/shopping, etc. Same as elderly people. I'm just a little quicker in some aspects than they are. ...
  11. So right after graduation I worked cardiac step down for about 16 months then went to home health for 3 years until I graduated with my MSN. I have now been a FNP for about 13 months. First off HOME HEALTH isn't good for a new graduate RN. Right out...
  12. Ditto to what the above posters said. Also consider that it may be that you don't get your professors learning style. There is a lot to anatomy and physiology. I was terrified of the lab over bones and muscles (oh the memorization!). Many have done ...
  13. There wouldn't be any difference to get the post masters certificate because you would still hold the same national certification. I'd take the full ride if I had to choose. It may take an extra year or so to get the post masters certificate but unl...
  14. anh06005

    Did you receive a politically biased education?

    I'm in the Bible Belt (conservative area) and I feel my school was pretty unbiased. We were taught to respect others views and wishes to provide then care they desire when possible. In fact we had debates regarding euthanasia and fluoridated water s...
  15. anh06005

    The Fifth Vital Sign

    I would accept any traumatic event or acute situation as 10/10 pain. I guess I should have clarified: when people want me to give them more pain meds for 12/10 pain for chronic knee issues when they are already obviously groggy and hypotensive (had a...