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anh06005 has 6 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Cardiac, Home Health, Primary Care.

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  1. anh06005

    Has anyone worked in Sleep Medicine?

    I work strictly sleep medicine. I have positions in 2 different offices. In one my collaborative physicians are neurology and sleep and in the other pulmonology and sleep. But I just see sleep patients.
  2. anh06005

    Leaving at 6 months in?

    Ideally it is best to stay for a year or two. BUT if you're sure this job is where you want to be I'd say go for it and risk burning a bridge with your current unit. If you get this job and stay there 10 years I doubt your next potential employer will say "well he/she DID only stay on the Med surg unit for 6 month...I'm not sure if he/she can commit" Just make sure you're confident in your decision or possibly stay PRN at your current job.
  3. anh06005

    Norm ADLs of young adults, NUR111

    Well ADL's are just that...activities of daily living. As a young adult I get out of bed, shower, brush my hair, brush my teeth, eat, go to work/school/shopping, etc. Same as elderly people. I'm just a little quicker in some aspects than they are. What is it exactly giving you issues? Perhaps an example may help? And what do you have so far?
  4. For those who haven't read it: Heaven over hospital: Dying girl, age 5, makes a choice - CNN.com It's a bit long but it is interesting. I was curious on everyone's take on it as I don't deal with these types of sick kids. I do think, though, that if the person seems to have a good grasp on what death is and what it means if they choose it over treatment they should be able to. While 5 does seem young she seems to understand it pretty well. Thoughts?
  5. anh06005

    9 months into FIRST FNP job

    Only way to feel better is jump into a job! Thankfully my collaborating physicians are supportive and understand I'm new. I'm not consulting with them as much as I'm getting better at x-rays, finding resources that work for me, etc. Good luck on the job hunt! I never thought I'd enjoy primary care but I've come to enjoy the variety so don't be afraid to take something you're unsure of.
  6. anh06005

    Sitting in class 6 hours a day

    Also might try compression stockings. They should help the fatigued legs as well.
  7. anh06005

    How to prepare to be a Family Nurse Practitioner

    I can see where ED would be beneficial as PP's have said. I'll throw in home health as well. I went from cardiac step-down to home health while I was finished my FNP. Why home health?? You're independent - you're the ONLY eyes and ears on a patient post-op, monitoring for issues post pneumonia, with fragile CHF/COPD-ers, chronic wound care, etc. You also get to see what it's like for patients when they come home from the hospital or from a doctor's appointment. So many don't truly understand what is said. If you're looking for a TRUE change and think home health might be fun I'd say go for it. No you won't get much peds or OB experience. But you do get some beneficial lessons that will shape how you interact with patients as FNP. Again not the range you'd see in ED but can be beneficial!
  8. anh06005

    To NP or not to NP

    If you find a cheaper school and you want that type of change it may be worth it. I think I got my MSN/FNP for at MOST half of that! I spent between $1500-3000 each semester for about 8-9 semesters.....1-2 classes at a time. If you find a decent paying job (and make sure it has potential for bonus!) you can easily make 6 figures (if you're not already). IF I was your age and making what I make as a NP I'm not sure if I'd go through with it. If I wanted a change from ED I might consider PACU or cath lab or something just...different. Good luck!
  9. anh06005

    9 months into FIRST FNP job

    I hate that we are human but it's reality I suppose. I'm hopeful in the next year or so I can get off of my Lexapro I started my last semester. I'm too tightly wound with all of these changes the last year or so.
  10. anh06005

    To NP or to PA?

    It's interesting to read about nurses going to a PA program! I did FNP and in some ways wish I'd done PA. I know the first semester or two would likely be a repeat of info but I'd have liked the variety of clinical settings in the later semesters and I'd have loved the medical focus in earlier semesters rather than nursing theory and research. I did enjoy my NP program. Just not the first few semesters. Once I hit the 3 P's I was much happier. I guess I always felt PA school focused more on 3 P's. Anyway it's interesting to read the opinions! It is a very individualized choice on NP, PA, MD, DO, etc. and there is no real right or wrong. There's good and bad in each bunch but I'm trying to be one of the good ones and expand my knowledge during my first few years (I'm thinking of it like a residency).
  11. anh06005

    ACNP Interview

    I'll just warn you now (I'm FNP so couldn't answer your questions anyway): You will be told that you should meet face to face with a ACNP because there is no way to verify that anybody here is truly a nurse. Plus the assignment is likely to get you to network. Contact local ACNP schools, local hospitals, etc. and ask if there is any way to set up a meeting rather than letting some random person here answer your questions. I've been around enough to see this type of thing with MANY RN students and I have seen the responses. Just be prepared!
  12. anh06005

    What program for Mac?

    Open office is an option as well. Free. Can save anything in different file types
  13. anh06005


    You've been out so long now it might not hurt to go to a live review for a refresher. And is it the clinical getting you or the legal/theory on ANCC? AANP is accepted 99% of the time as well it seems and is strictly clinical. No pictures.
  14. anh06005

    Should I call the director or no?

    I think these are some things to consider. Perhaps they've added beds. Perhaps they have new management. Who knows why there are 7 positions available. You are aware that you will need the ICU experience to pursue CRNA further but if it's an ICU nobody wants to work at are you okay with putting up with it for a year or two? Chances are 7 openings won't be taken up in the next couple of months if you do want to wait around and see for a few weeks how the place runs first. If you're 100% on moving then it wouldn't hurt to let her know that you've thought about it and think you'd like to make the move full time if she's okay with that. If she is pursuing the transfer then they are obviously interested. Good luck!
  15. anh06005

    Should I call the director or no?

    Don't count your chickens before they hatch! It sounds like things went well and you have the experience BUT don't count on it 100% until you have the offer. You never know who may come out of the woodwork, know the right people, have BETTER experience, etc. and swoop in and take the position. If you get the offer then next time you go in you might mention that you're considering a full time switch over to ICU. If they already have a FT position posted you might ask about it if you're willing to jump on in. I'm not sure I'd presume I got the position and call and say "Hey I know you haven't even offered me the PRN opening but I'll be joining on full time!"
  16. anh06005

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    Nurse Mandatory Overtime - New York State Department of Labor Ask to see the records of them finding coverage.