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Hi! I was just wondering if anyone else was waiting around to find out whether or not they got into an accelerated nursing program in ON? Where did you apply and when do people generally hear back from admissions?... Read More

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    Quote from smkim24
    I haven't gotten my letter yet, I am also getting very impatient and anxious about it.
    Ok I got mine yesterday and it says I have until Thursday April 12th (basically a week) to accept the offer with a $500 certified cheque or money order delivered to Admissions and Awards. (Problem is, I use an online bank so it takes 5-7 business days to get a money order mailed to me. So my parents are going to get me a money order and I'll have to reimburse them with a personal cheque.)

    You'll get your letter, but I'd start arranging the money order now (addressed to University of Toronto) if you're like me and need to get it mailed to you!

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    Thanks jbethune for that important piece of information. I guess I'll get mine next week due to the Easter long weekend. I checked the ouac web page and the admission offer shows up now, did it for you?
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    Quote from smkim24
    I checked the ouac web page and the admission offer shows up now, did it for you?
    I'm having trouble logging into the OUAC page - but then I thought maybe I don't have one because I was an internal U of T applicant and didn't fill out the OUAC 105 app? I'm not sure. Did you do an internal application too or the OUAC 105??
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    Oh, well, I didn't do my undergrad at U of T, so I had to fill out the OUAC application. I didn't know you can apply internally, because I did a grad program there as well. Hmm.
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    I did the internal UofT application too, and when I try to log in to OUAC with the UofT app ID it just kicks me over to the site.
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    Hey guys,

    I was an internal applicant as well. I emailed someone at admissions and they told me that we cannot accept through OUAC. Once you submit the internal application, the page expires. To accept the offer as an internal applicant,you simply have to wait for the package to come via mail, then sign the acceptance letter and send it back.

    For those of you who haven't yet received their acceptance package, and were accepted around March 28th, contact the faculty as soon as possible because my deadline to accept was Thurs April 12th.
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    So I called York today, and they said that they actually already started giving out acceptances in February, and that the rest of the acceptances should be out by the end of April.... still waiting on mine.... would anyone who has already been accepted to York mind sharing their stats? (ie. final year GPA, cumulative GPA, how many prerequisites in progress, etc)

    Fingers crossed to hear something within these next 2 weeks....
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    Unfortunately, I applied only for BsN at UfT. Still waiting for a good news from admission. Please God help me out....
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    Quote from ess_bee
    April 16th. Less than two weeks to go!
    Good luck on your interview, ess_bee!!
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    Quote from jbethune
    Good luck on your interview, ess_bee!!
    Thank you! I'm really excited.

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