WARNING: Phoenix area is a TOUGH market for new grads

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    I've come across several postings fairly recently from new grads wanting to move to the Phoenix area and I want to make them aware that the job market here is very competitive. Unless you are an experienced nurse, have great luck, or a strong hospital contact, new grad hospital positions are very hard to come by. I know several that have had to leave the area to find jobs.

    I'm not trying to be a downer, but in this economy Phoenix is NOT the place a new grad wants to be.
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    yep. i have a strong contact who is in corporate and head of the HR division, and i can't get an interview even with him harassing all the NMs. i'm fortunate enough to have made it to my final interview with a women's clinic, but it's PRN and non-benefitted. i've applied to 107 jobs as of today.
    edited to add: the phoenix area produces 800-1000 new grads every semester, according to the board of nursing. i think that that number alone, more than anything, gives one an idea of how hard it is to get a job.
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    I have volunteered at 2 phoenix hospitals and they won’t touch me with a barge pole because I am a new grad. I have spoken to the clinical managers for whom I have volunteered for 250 hours and they just look at me with disgust. (Banner). The same with Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I have applied everywhere and don’t even get a response. New graduates are like pariahs to the hospital world in Arizona. Do not think about moving to Arizona unless you already have, by some miracle, a job in hand because you won’t find one. It is the worst state in the nation for new graduates: The AZBN published a paper on the fact.

    It’s like a fad here, Hacienda HealthCare used to take new grads, but last June thay got a new (very young) HR person whose first thing that she did was to state that she will NOT TAKE NEW GRADS. Closing yet another door.

    Is there any state west of the Mississippi that a new grad can get a hospital job in? I am willing to move. Years of school and a nursing shortage and yet you can’t get your foot in the door. Hospitals would rather pay sign on bonuses than train a new graduate. I have taken a job with a home health agency, but very low pay, no benefits and no guarenteed hours. I was hoping that the experience would help, but its not that precious "acute care experience" that hospitals demand.

    What do you do that can help get in that magical hospital door? Frustrated in Phoenix.
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    frodo-dog: I have seen positions in Yuma and in Kingman that have had postings for RN positions who will hire new grads. Of course those are limited and have probably about 100:1 ratio of applicants to positions as well.
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    is there any state west of the mississippi that a new grad can get a hospital job in?

    *** yes. as has been posted here on an a number of times beautiful north dakota is looking for nurses with many openings.

    i am willing to move. years of school and a nursing shortage and yet you can’t get your foot in the door.

    *** you must realize by now that the supposed nursing shortage doesn't and didn't exsist and is nothing but self serving propaganda put out by those who stand to gain financialy from a glut of nurses?
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    Is there a difference in hiring new grads if they have a BSN rather than an Associates degree? I was accepted to a school in Phoenix for summer start but I am also rethinking my career choice due to getting a job? Is there anyone in that area that did get a new job as a new grad and have any insight on how or why you got the job? Thanks!
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    BSNs have the same problems finding new grad positions.
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    It's June 2013... I have seen New Grad positions for Abrazo, Maricopa Intergrated Health system, John C Lincoln New Grad, Phoenix Children's Hospital Gap program, Scottsdale Health care New Grad, Banner New Grad, Chandler Regional Medical Center New Grad, MGA home Health takes new Grads, Care Minders Home care, Scottsdale Herritage Court, Human resource Network, spectrum home health

    best thing is just to google "new grad phoenix" and apply to as many positions as you can! Good Luck new Grads.
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    I've been watching trends in Phoenix very carefully for two years, hoping to move there myself. I've come to the conclusion that I'm better off staying where I am (Raleigh/Durham NC) and getting a year or two of experience. Hopefully the economy will recover more and/or my skills will be more marketable.

    PhoenixRN, not sure where you saw listings - but the Scottsdale Health Care website specifically says they only hire from internal candidates (their staff CNA's who went to nursing school, generally) for new grads, Mayo suspended their new grad program earlier this year, and some of the others haven't actually posted new grad jobs in a long time, even if they theoretically still have programs. I know I've seen postings at times for Abrazo and Banner, but it looks absolutely brutal out there
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    It's also scammy and highly unprofessional. I have been offered full time jobs, turned down other potential jobs, only to have the offer rejected and changed at the last minute. One went from FT in a great area to PRN, low pay, and not a good section of the facility. Another one told me I was hired, then 4 days later, after I called them, informed me that the position was already filled. There were 2 positions posted mind you. I'm sorry to say that I regret going into nursing. It is a field of opportunists and cutthroats who look at you as just another number.

    Another issue is the lack of willingness to train. Most of the people I know who found work at desirable hospital positions weren't trained as promised and dislike their career. I know someone hired in another state who was promised a great deal of training and did not receive more than a few days worth.

    My experience with the job I did find was pure misery. An administrative job with little patient contact that demanded a minimum of 10 hours a day just to complete 50% of the workload. It was a low-pay salary job as well. I had no choice but to quit. The work was so far behind I could've worked 7 days a week 12 hours a day and never caught up.

    Ever since has been nothing but lies and let-downs by companies. I truly wish I could go work in another field.

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