Dermatology office pays $13/hour - page 4

i had an interview at a dermatology clinic. according to the doctor at the office, he wants to hire ma but also he wants somebody who can give anesthetic injections for a biopsy and that's why he is... Read More

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    Has he lost his mind? My dog sitter makes more than that!!! What rock has he been living under? Keep looking cause that is EXTREMELY insulting no matter how new you are. Starbucks Barista make more than that and get great benefits!!!
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    No RN should work for $13 an hour. The doctor should hire an MA or pay what an office RN would expect, not $13 an hour.
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    If he wants an ma he can hire one for that wage and do his own injections. It is certainly NOT worth it! You will find another entry level rn position closer to home for more money.
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    I can see an MA or LPN making that in a clinic starting out if the cost of living is low. For an RN who lives in Cali and has to drive a long distance, no way. Would it even out with the cost of gas?!?!?
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    no way, that is a dead end. hold out for something better.

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