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Georgia peach RN

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Georgia peach RN specializes in GI, ER, ICU, Med/Surg, Stress Test Nurse.

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  1. Georgia peach RN

    Staffing in the Endoscopy suite

    Can any one tell me where to find the national standards and if there are State requirements in GA, regarding staffing of the endoscopy suite? Mainly need to know if pt's are sedated with propofol by CRNA, have an RN in room, can a LPN or a UAP assist legally assist the DR, I am getting conflicting answers from powers that be at my facility would like to have documentation to back up what is correct. Thanks
  2. I say reach for the stars! My dream was to be a nurse, I too was sidetracked. When I first attempted to become a nurse, I was advised that the nursing class was full and I should enroll in the medical assistant program which would be very similar to the nursing program.... NOT! I was young and dumb. It was 10 yrs and 3 children later I finally went to LPN school, then another 12 yrs I was able to finish my RN. If one school turns you down keep knocking and looking someone will take you. I wish I had done that while I was young.
  3. Georgia peach RN

    Working and Attending School

    While I was in LPN school many moons ago I worked in a group home for developmentally disabled adults we had 3 clients in our home it was the best job I've ever had loved every minute of it. Had no problems with study/school/work I had a 3.78 GPA in LPN school. congratulations and happy nursing school studying.
  4. Georgia peach RN

    The dumbest things you've heard from a provider

    I was working in ICU, Pt. RR 35, HR 145, LOC altered, sat 90% on 100% NRB; family extremely worried; Doc says to me the lowly nurse, She's better, You don't need to be so excited -- Nurse - maybe this pt need a pulmonologist??? Doc -- No she is fine you are over reacting. When night Doc came on shift pt was intubated and EMS at bedside ready to take pt to a facility with a, you guessed it, pulmonologist accepting the pt to their service. was really scared pt was gonna die before next doctor got there
  5. Georgia peach RN

    Question for people who have gone through clinicals...

    During my LPN clinicals 13 yrs ago we were required to bring our text books. Today with education system moving to e-books, I would ask these questions of my nursing advisor or wait til the first day of class and ask my instructor before purchasing my books
  6. Georgia peach RN

    Working in hospitals

    Are you planning to move to GA? Im confused about why you are looking at pay scale / cost of living in GA.
  7. Georgia peach RN

    Nursing Student Needing Help with a Mental Health Teaching Project

    Talk about early recognition of someone losing control and nonviolent crisis intervention
  8. Georgia peach RN

    LPN wage question

    As a new graduate LPN in 2000 I started out at $12 an hr in an acute care facility. I would expect acute care would be more today, typically LPN makes $2-$5 more an hour in LTC here. Now the Dr. office usually pays less.
  9. Georgia peach RN

    Brand new RN, 2 weeks into job, made charge nurse....difficult staff!!!!

    I too am a new RN but also have 12 yrs experience as an LPN. I also have been in situations where the Charge Nurse (RN) was unable to perform all of her duties because they were new to the facility and/or they were lacking in experience. I have encountered LPN's who exhibit hostility as a result of them feeling unappreciated and the expectation to "baby sit" the new RN. I have watched how many of these new RN's responded to this hostility that they did not deserve and the one response that has worked the best is to kill that hostility with kindness. For example I knew a new RN who was Thrown into the Charge Nurse Role just because she was an RN and a particular LPN was very hostile and rude. she would do some of the things you have described in your situation and more. This particular RN decided to help her with her patients at any and every instance she could and she committed to find out every thing she could about the this nurse, what she had passion for (she loved wind chimes and sitting out on her porch enjoying them and the birds) and then the opportunity arose it was the LPN's birthday so she went and found the most beautiful wind chime, bought it and gave it to her, the LPN broke down into tears it was a beautiful time of healing for them both from that day on they were a team. Now Im not suggesting you go buy him a present, but I am suggesting to return his rudeness, hostility with kindness. This RN told me "I just decided, no matter what she does to me I am going to be kind and helpful to her" Im not sure why she decided to buy her a present for her birthday. just a suggestion, there are many other good suggestions on here too.
  10. My question is how many hours can a nurse in Ga work consecutively with out breaking any laws. This is on any given day, no weather issues, no disaster, just working over or can a facility require a nurse who has worked all day stay and work an entire night shift just because a night nurse called in? or can they require a nurse who has worked all day in another department to stay indefinitely to care for pts on a med surg floor who are considered outpatients because of staffing issues?
  11. Georgia peach RN

    Will ER nurses help me answer a few questions, please??

    I work in ER on PRN basis, I have not worked in a large trauma center but only small rural hospital ER, I have found that most of our ER nurses are cynical. They see people who will lie about anything just to get drugs. This is why they are that way but if you have a "true" emergency they are top notch and the most compassionate people I know.
  12. Georgia peach RN

    Er nurse vs icu nurse

    lol ER - busy = total Chaos! not busy = lovely ICU - Controlled environment unless full then total Chaos! choose your poison.
  13. Georgia peach RN

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Great advice here, I only have one thing to add but it will not help you since you did well with the lectures - I would record my professor's lectures and listen to them over and over.(this was my weak spot) Lab was really easy for me because I am very hands on. Any way I want to say to you never feel that your being homeschooled is a place of weakness. You had the advantage of being an only student that is except for maybe your siblings. You probably mastered more that you realized.
  14. Georgia peach RN

    What to do?quit? stay? look?

    This is exactly what I would do! Run from dishonesty, these kind of people are the ones who will make things up and turn in to the board of nursing
  15. Georgia peach RN

    Nursing Books

    You should consider the publication date of the used books. My NSG instructors required our class to cite all materials we turned in and our books had to be 5 yrs or less old unless they specifically allowed a certain book or material to be used. That means if we bought used books and the publication date was greater than 5 years old we could not cite the material in that book. You should also consider you projected graduation date, you may not want to buy any used books that will be more than 5 yrs old upon graduation. Good luck and congratulations
  16. Georgia peach RN

    No clinicals rn-bsn program

    I checked out University of Wyoming, I was sold until I actually applied to the school and was accepted, I was under the impression that I would need to complete 3 or 4 core courses prior to application but after I applied and they did an official review of my transcripts they would not accept most of my core courses which I had completed at a regionally accredited college my school of nursing was NLN and CCNE accredited. When I contacted the school regarding all this they were very rude to me. I felt like I wasted my money on their application fee and the fees to have my transcripts sent to them. I did not enroll in any courses after they sent me an acceptance letter nor have I received any phone calls or emails from the school to assist me with course enrollment. I haven't been contacted by the school for advisement, nothing. Not at all impressed with this school.