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overtonis has 10 years experience and specializes in ICU.

Currently work per-diem in ICU and run my own business. I have affinity for entrepreneurship.

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  1. How to keep anxiety in check

    I believe every nurse should be skilled/advanced in meditation. It has the ability to heal and eliminate stress. In all of my years of working in ICU...its the only thing I found that truly was game changer.
  2. Question as a new telephone triage nurse

    This is why there are always telephone triage nursing jobs available because it is essentially a call center job.
  3. What company should I work for?

    there are a TON of telphone triage nursing jobs online..everywhere. I was considering this but not sure I want to be on phone entire shife.
  4. What to charge for chart review/opinion?

    Just curious how Legal Service Company would contact you out of the blue? Alot of people with Legal Nurse Certifications have difficulty finding work.
  5. I want to continue working as Per-Diem ICU nurse on weekends (2 shifts month requirement) and add remote full-time or part-time Utilization Review RN. I have started to craft my resume to highlight the following "Perform discharge duties: medication ...
  6. Currently have NJ RN license. My PA RN license expired in 2014. Recruiter called me about remote 3 month contract (with potential to be extended) but I would need PA RN license. I looked into this but wanted to see if someone well versed in this area...
  7. Looking to transition into this area. I have BSN Nursing degree (10 years experience) & Accounting degree (5 years experience). Looking for something to tie both of my degrees together and this sounds like perfect fit. One area I have no experien...
  8. trust me when I tell you that after while you will be clawing at the walls to get that boring public health job back.
  9. Internet requirements for working at home?

    Tell your cousin she is stinkin lucky ? I am in process of trying to get Quality position from home. Did she have previous experience?
  10. Can I do private duty nursing without an Agency

    That was very helpful. Thank you
  11. I have 10 years of RN experience in ICU. I want to start to transition out of hospital setting into private duty because my wife & I side business has become stable. Only looking to work maybe 30 hours a month in private duty. I really really don...
  12. Health/wellness coaching

    I have noticed uptick of articles on this topic and it looks like good growth area for nurses. Curious if anyone has transitioned into this area. I have been interested in this area for while now and recently completed a very detailed nutritional ana...
  13. Is there a need for this?

    Hey Alexander, Maybe we can create facebook group so others can bounce around their business ideas and tips on how to get things going. Thanks, Carl
  14. Is there a need for this?

    I wanted to offer more of broad approach to any business idea (healthcare or non-healthcare). How this started was a nurse at work (late 50's) hurt her back and leg when chair at work fell apart when she went to sit in it. The hospital only offered b...
  15. Is there a need for this?

    Having worked in hospital for past 10 years, I can't tell you how many times I have met nurses who want out. The problem is there are no real good alternatives for them. While I was working in hospital, I was also building my wife online business. Al...