November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! - page 6

Above is an image with a missing caption. Your mission is to provide a caption for it. You may submit as many captions as you wish. Caption Contest Rules To qualify for the prize money and fame, your caption must... Read More

  1. 1
    I want a very specific "Medic Alert" tattoo - my doc's face. Last time, the ER put me with an "out-of-network" specialist and I'm still paying it off!
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  2. 0
    "There is a doctor behind me, isn't there?"
  3. 3

    "With the new cuts from the Affordable Care Act, we can't afford hair implants, but heard that you can tattoo us a mean comb over."
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    "Give me a sweet tattoo so I don't look as dorky as this guy!"

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    Let's just get this straight, I'm the patient and the reason why you are still employed. So since I sign your paycheck I'm the only one that will be giving orders in here!
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    Nurse, remind me again of what pain I'm having that keeps me pressing my call light every four to six hours. Oh yes, my back pain! That reminds me, is it time for another Percocet. ( doctor and nurse are thinking "No wonder your back is in pain look how you are sitting!"
  7. 1
    Now that I've diagnosed myself for this so called doctor behind me, wheel me back to the tattoo parlor nurse, oops I mean nurses station!
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    There is no calendar and no clock in here. Yet he insists I'm the one who's confused to date and time!
  9. 0
    "Hey, at least I can cover up these tattoos when I am at work. The doc's bald spot on the other hand..."
  10. 0
    "Careful with the doc, he's ticklish."

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